The burkini ban is a political ruse


Originally published in the Spectator.

Private Eye used to run a column called the ‘Neo-philes’, listing some of the endless cases of hacks saying ‘X is the new Y’ (‘This season green is the new black’ and so on). So let me put in an early entry for the return of any such column by announcing here that ‘The Burkini is the new Hizb ut-Tahrir’.

After 18 months of terrorist attacks across the continent, this summer French and now German politicians are falling over each other to call for a ban on a new Islamic swimwear garment called the ‘burkini’. This is nonsense piled on top of nonsense. Though I do not doubt he spent some time thinking about it, the inventor of Islam had very little to say about women’s beachwear. And in any case there is no reason why non-Islamic countries have to spend any time wondering over what Mohammed did or did not say. We have our own laws and traditions and can make or change them without any reference to the Quran or Hadith.

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