Boris Johnson blasted for not getting tough with Russia amid fears Putin is planning fresh invasion of Ukraine


BORIS Johnson has been blasted for cosying up to Russia just as President Putin threatens a new wave of mayhem in Syria and Ukraine.

The new Foreign Secretary rang his opposite number in Moscow, hardliner Sergei Lavrov, this morning “to build a constructive dialogue”, British diplomats said.

Deputy Director of the security think tank, the Henry Jackson Society, Davis Lewin added: “While diplomatic niceties are necessary, it’s very disappointing that this is happening while Russia has shown nothing but ruthlessness in Ukraine and Syria.

“What they are doing in both countries is directly detrimental to our national security, so why would we reward them with a reset in our relations?

“It just legitimises Russia’s actions. It is weakness and unacceptable.”

Mr Lewin added: “Putin is a bully, and Britain should be standing up to him.”

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