Truck attack in Nice reflects ‘new normal’ for Europe


(Reuters) – European leaders and security chiefs have a sobering message after the Bastille Day killings in Nice: such lone attacks using ordinary vehicles are nearly impossible to prevent and can be carried out by almost anyone.

“We have moved into a new era,” said Prime Minister Manuel Valls. “And France will have to live with terrorism.”

Alan Mendoza, executive director of The Henry Jackson Society, a conservative think tank, said: “Nice shows an evolution of tactics from terrorists, echoing methods used against Israelis.”

He said that given the difficulties of detecting such attacks in advance or stopping them once they start, societies must work to prevent the radicalization of young Europeans and attack the Islamists who urge them to act from bases abroad.

“France has been on high terror alert for months with troops on the street yet still could not prevent this atrocity,” he said.

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