British exit could mean end of EU


Does the West still exist? And do we need it?

Those are questions many British citizens are asking as their country prepares for a June 23 referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union.

Or to put it another way, are the European institutions that America and Britain worked together to create after World War II, and that brought the continent decades of peace, still relevant? And would Britain be better off on its own?

Migration may be the issue that could drive British voters to support a “Brexit,” shorthand for a British exit from the European Union. Here is the heart of the Leave case: “If our future is in the hands of Angela Merkel – the German chancellor, who let in a million refugees – then we don’t want to be part of a suicide mission,” proclaimed Douglas Murray, associate director of London’s Henry Jackson Society, in a debate on Europe’s future at the American Jewish Committee’s national conference.

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