Tunisia Travel Warning must remain while country is largest source of ISIS fighters


The Executive Director of The Henry Jackson Society, Dr Alan Mendoza, has responded to a call from the Tunisian Ambassador to relax the Government’s advice against travelling to the country saying that the country remains the largest source of ISIS fighters.

The Foreign Office currently warns against all but essential travel to the country, following a terrorist attack last year that left 39 people dead, 30 of which were holiday makers from the UK.

The Tunisian tourism industry has seen a 90% drop in British visitors so far this year.

“While many in Britain will sympathise with the plight of the Tunisian tourism industry and wish it every success for the future, that sentiment simply cannot trump security concerns we have for British citizens.

“Tunisia remains the largest source of foreign fighters for ISIS. Until we can be certain that the security situation is firmly under control, Britain will not be able to gamble with the lives of its citizens.”


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