Event: The Rise and Fall of the Arab State: Ramifications for Israel and the Region


Rise & Fall of Arab State

TIME: Wednesday 10th February 2016, 13:00-14.00

VENUE: Committee Room 12, House of Commons, SW1A 0AA

SPEAKER: Professor Asher Susser, Director for External Affairs and the Stanley and Ilene Gold Senior Research Fellow,
Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University

To attend please RSVP to: rsvp@henryjacksonsociety.org



As the Middle East region has been rocked by the turmoil of the Arab uprisings and the subsequent civil wars, we have seen the disintegration of state authority, the evaporation of national borders and the ascendancy of violent non-state actors such as Islamic State. Rogue regimes have been quick to seize upon the instability, filling power vacuums and capitalizing on the lack of decisive Western leadership. While the intensification of old sectarian rivalries has momentarily distracted some parties from their war on Israel, the security situation for the Jewish state has only become more precarious. From Sinai in the south to the Syrian Golan in the north, Israel sees a growing threat from ever more extreme Islamist opponents. Meanwhile, current regional events look set to leave both Iran and its proxies in Hezbollah strengthened, and better able to inflict mass casualty attacks against Israelis in the event of a future confrontation. As multiple conflicts across the Middle East continue to escalate, the future for Israel only looks increasingly uncertain.

By kind invitation of Louise Ellman MP, The Henry Jackson Society is pleased to invite you to an event with Professor Asher Susser who will provide insights into the changing mosaic of the Middle East and the ramifications of these changes.

To attend, please RSVP to rsvp@henryjacksonsociety.org – RSVPs must include your full name and any affiliations including for any guests you wish to bring. We will send a confirmation that will be required to attend the event.

Speaker Biography

Prof. Asher Susser is Director for External Affairs and the Stanley and Ilene Gold Senior Research Fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University.  He served as director of the Center from 1989 to 1995 and again from 2001 to 2007 and has taught for around thirty years in the University’s Department of Middle Eastern History. In 2006 Professor Susser was selected as TAU’s Faculty of Humanities Outstanding Lecturer. His research and teaching at TAU has focused on Modern Middle Eastern History, Religion and State in the Middle East and Arab-Israeli issues, with special reference to Jordan and the Palestinians. He has been a Fulbright Fellow, a visiting professor at Cornell University (1986-7), University of Chicago (1990) and Brandeis University (1998, 2007-8) and a visiting fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (1987, 1996-7).

Professor Susser wrote the political biography of Jordan’s Prime Minister Wasfi al- Tall (1994) and is the author or editor of seven other books as well as numerous articles. In 1994 he was the only Israeli academic to accompany Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to his historic meeting with King Hussein of Jordan for the signing of the Washington Declaration. Prof. Susser earned his PhD in Modern Middle Eastern History at Tel Aviv University.


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