Meeting the British women who are supporting ISIS


Originally published in The Debrief

But, as Channel 4’s new investigation shows, ISIS in fact, has a growing number of British sympathisers, non-violent female preachers who are crucial in recruiting more women in turn to the terror group. And, they’re operating in London.

Hannah Stuart, of the Henry Jackson Society, is asked for her opinion towards the end of the programme. She says that the fact that there are women, young girls and even small children in attendance at the so-called “study groups” ‘is particularly worrying.’

‘At the moment we’re not just concerned about young men going to fight for Islamic State, we are concerned about entire families leaving this country to emigrate and live in Islamic State’ Hannah says, ‘and it’s lessons like this that will encourage women to do that and make them believe that its’ their religious duty to do so. This is a nation-building project.’


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