Baby taken into care over fears it could be radicalised: Child is among 20 taken from their parents in crackdown on Islamists


Originally published by the Daily Mail

The figures were revealed yesterday as Sir James Munby, one of the most senior judges in England and Wales, issued new guidance to deal with the growing number of IS-related cases in the family courts.

The announcement came after Prime Minister David Cameron warned at the Tory conference on Wednesday that the ‘shadow’ of Muslim extremism was putting the UK ‘in danger’.

He launched a withering attack on the ‘passive tolerance’ of Islamism whose ideology was ‘infecting minds’ across the world.

Hannah Stuart, a counter-radicalisation expert at security think-tank the Henry Jackson Society, said: ‘Both among those who support people joining the conflict in Syria or who want to see terror acts committed here, we see a recurring obsession with the radicalisation of children.

‘We are seeing a generation who are getting older and having children, and those children are growing up in an environment where there is a risk of them being taken to Syria – or being told that it is right to hate non-Muslims and desire martyrdom.’

Meanwhile, it emerged that more than 300 of the 796 people referred to the government’s Channel de-radicalisation scheme between June and August this year were aged under 18.


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