Foreign Office Unveil Latest Weapon Against ISIL – A Twitter Account


Originally published in SunNation

The Foreign Office have unveiled their latest weapon in the war against Islamic State –  a Twitter account.  Whitehall spinners promise that “@UKAgainstISIL” will give regular “updates on the UK Government’s ongoing work” to defeat the jihadi baddies, but the account has only tweeted four times in 48 hours.

Robin Simcox of the Henry Jackson Society has slammed the PR stunt, telling The Sun:

“Government sets up things like this to feel like it’s doing something when ultimately it is powerless to shape things on the ground.

“Not least, due to the current levels of military spending.

“This war is not going to won with a press release from No 10 or a particularly sarcastic Tweet, it’s going to be won by taking ground from ISIL.”


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