Ten years later we are still losing the war on extremism


Originally published in the Daily Express

Ten years ago today, 52 people were murdered on the streets of London by four Islamist extremists. Jihadis had already been operating across the planet for many years. Four years earlier, on 9/11 they had murdered nearly 3,000 people in the US. But 7/7 marked the first British Islamist terrorist outrage and, significantly, was the product of home-grown extremists.

Until 7/7 the security authorities had been focused on the prospect of foreign based terrorists arriving in Britain and operating here. But that changed when 7/7 brought home with devastating clarity the threat from the enemy within. The story since then has been a constant battle by the security services to prevent another mass terror attack.

A report from the Henry Jackson Society showed that since his leaks at least three Al Qaeda affiliates have changed their communication methods, online jihadist forums now use new encryption tools, GCHQ’s ability to track groups has been reduced by about 25 per cent and it can now take three times as long to decipher targets’ communications.

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