UK troops to smash migrants trade: Navy to stop flood of refugees from Libya


Originally published in The Express

Britain is poised to send 200 Royal Marines to the Mediterranean to lead a blockade aimed at “smashing” Libya’s people-trafficking gangs.

The move, which would see the UK spearhead a multinational operation off the coast of North Africa, comes amid claims that Islamic State fanatics are using the refugee crisis to smuggle fighters into Britain and Europe.

The UK’s leading role in the blockade was described as the “quid pro quo” for David Cameron’s insistence that Britain would not accept migrants fleeing Libya for Europe.

Douglas Murray, associate director of the Henry Jackson Society think tank, said: “Britain rightly under-contributed in the taking of migrants, and there’s nothing wrong with Britain now bearing the brunt of this mission.

“If we want this not to be a problem, we have to act.”

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