Fears raised over Islamic radicalisation at British universities after students vote to back Jihadi John apologists over anti-terror bill


Originally published in The Daily Mail

The National Union of Students has been accused of backing ‘terrorist apologists’ after endorsing the controversial Islamist civil rights group who called Jihadi John a ‘beautiful young man’.

The NUS has agreed to oppose the Government’s counter-terrorism bill with the help of Cage, the group who supported Mohammed Emwazi in the years before he joined Islamic State.

At its 2015 conference delegates passed the motion, apparently without discussion, so they could save time – a decision that has raised fears of radicalisation at British universities. 

Rupert Sutton, director of pressure group Student Rights, told the newspaper: ‘The passage of this motion is deeply worrying, as it mandates the UK’s largest student union not only actively to obstruct counter-extremism policy, but to work hand in hand with the very extremists such policy seeks to challenge in doing so.

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