Analysts: Iran Deal Offers Chance to Rehabilitate Foreign Relations


Originally published in Voice of America

The tentative framework on Iran’s nuclear program agreed to this month is in renewed doubt over when Western sanctions should be lifted. But many analysts say the progress made offers an opportunity for both Tehran and the West to tackle other burning issues in the region, such as the conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

To a round of applause and a rendition of the national anthem, President Hassan Rouhani unveiled a nuclear fuel assembly in parliament Thursday to mark Iran’s “Nuclear Technology Day.”

Some analysts say such optimism over Iran’s intentions is dangerously misplaced – among them Davis Lewin of policy group The Henry Jackson Society.

“It is a vicious regime that is very good at tactically exploiting a situation, creating those kinds of alliances, relationships and dynamics in the region that have allowed it to expand its nefarious influence significantly. And we must not be fooled into thinking that peace is about to break out,” he said.

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