Amine Gemayel: Arab states committing collective suicide


Originally published in Asharq Al- Awsat

As Lebanon’s presidential vacuum continues for its 10th month and the country of almost 4.5 million inhabitants continues to reel from the economic and social pressure cause by the influx of an estimated 1.5 million refugees fleeing the conflict in neighboring Syria—not to mention the other grave security repercussions resulting from the spillover of the conflict into Lebanese territory—the country, like the region as a whole, appears to be hovering over a dangerous precipice.

Gemayel, who also leads the Kataeb (Phalangist) Party—part of the anti-Syrian March 14 alliance, which is opposed to the pro-Assad March 8 alliance that also includes Shi’ite group Hezbollah—spoke on Monday at the House of Commons in London in a lecture hosted by the newly created Centre for the New Middle East at The Henry Jackson Society.

The lecture, ‘Failed States, Islamic State, or Citizen-States: Three Realities of Arab Governance,’ explored three current political systems which Gemayel sees as the only administrative choices open to Arab governments.

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