Jihadi John: Student record of Mohammed Emwazi leaked


Originally published in The Telegraph

Academic record of Mohammed Emwazi is made public, including the first photograph of the Islamic State executioner as an adult

The University of Westminster announced an investigation into how the student records of Emwazi, unmasked as ‘Jihadi John’, came to be passed to Sky News.

The evidence compiled by the anti-extremist campaign group Student Rights will inevitably put pressure on the University of Westminster to ensure it is doing all it can to combat extremism.

Student Rights claimed 22 events were held where “speakers with a history of extremist views” were invited to speak since March 2012. The group had not monitored extremist activity on campus before that date, including the period when Emwazi was studying there.

Rupert Sutton, Student Rights Director, said: “The constant stream of extremist speakers and material uncovered since 2011 and the fact that Emwazi is alleged to have travelled to Tanzania to join Al-Shabaab soon after his graduation shows he was very likely to have studied in an atmosphere highly conducive to radicalisation.

“It is vital that other institutions learn from his example, and ensure they are actively challenging extremism wherever it appears on their campuses.”

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