Cleric: Iran Will Use ‘Suicide Operations to Send its Message to the World’


Originally published in The Washington Free Beacon

‘A hardline Iranian cleric affiliated with the country’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said Iran has used “suicide operations” in the past and will use them again “to send its message to the world,” according to a translation of his original Farsi remarks…

Experts acquainted with Iran’s nuclear program say it is all but certain that Iran will be permitted to retain at least some portion of its enrichment program.

“Negotiations are now at a juncture at which the ideal scenario of having no enrichment or heavy water research reactor programme in Iran after any deal is increasingly unlikely,” according to former International Atomic Energy Agency Deputy Director Olli Heinonen.

Due to this reality, it will be left to Iran to be transparent about its program going forward, Heinonen said in a recent report published by the Henry Jackson Society.

“Inspections alone are not enough however, any deal must hold Iran to a satisfactory level of irreversibility,” Heinonen wrote.

Concerns also remain about Iran’s Arak heavy water nuclear reactor, which was not addressed under the interim agreement inked with Iran in the summer.

Work at Arak “has proceeded apace” and the site “is now deemed to be capable of producing sufficient weapons-grade plutonium for two nuclear weapons annually, if the reactor is completed,” Heinonen wrote.’

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