Salmond demands £10bn tartan army: Ships, jets, helicopters, troops…they’re all in SNP’s sights if Scotland votes Yes


Originally Published in the Mail Online

‘Alex Salmond is demanding a £10 billion carve-up of Britain’s Armed Forces – including aircraft, ships and the transfer of up to 9,200 regular and Special Forces troops – if Scotland votes for independence.

The Scottish National Party leader insists his country’s share of the UK’s military assets should be handed over free of charge so his government can form its own navy, air force and army.

But last night, experts said his asset-stripping of Britain’s Armed Forces would severely damage the UK’s military capability…

Robin Simcox, an expert on the threat posed by Islamist extremists, said that there were ‘real concerns’ over how Scotland would be able to monitor returning jihadis. He said: ‘They will lose a lot of capability and as result the rest of the UK would be more vulnerable.’…’

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