Libya: A new international front against jihadists


Originally published in Forbes

‘On June 15th, U.S Special Forces intervened in Benghazi to capture terror master Abu Khattala. Libya that was liberated by NATO troops in 2011 has now plunged into a virtual civil war. After the confirmation on May 4th of Islamist-backed Ahmed Maiteeq as the new Prime Minister in a much contested process, a secular military group headed by General Khalifa Haftar has fought with considerable means against the Islamist and jihadist groups. The situation has been so dire that even Western and regional military powers have been reportedly involved in the conflict.

First, as I mentioned to The Times on May 30th, American, French and Algerian Special Forces have been allegedly conducting operations against al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). Even though military intervention has been ruled out by Western countries publically, undercover and sporadic operations against also al-Murabitun have been reportedly taking place in the south since late last year…’

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