It was right to arrest Gerry Adams


Originally published in The Spectator

‘The release of Gerry Adams felt a bit like the old days. A Unionist protest outside the police station, a rally of a press conference at a Republican club with Adams, Gerry Kelly and Martin McGuinness on the podium.  Whether or not Adams will be charged with involvement in the 1972 murder of Jean McConville we do not know. But he is denying any involvement in the murder.

He repeatedly said that ‘the past is the past’. He also said: ‘The future is about children…equality and justice for everyone.’ Yet he talked of his questioning as ‘the old guard using the old methods’ and of ‘dark’ forces at work. He said that the decision to detain and question him was not ‘the right decision for policing.’ Evidence used against him was ‘hearsay’ and he repeatedly rejected what now turns out to be the accounts of more than a few Republicans given to the Boston college project (the release of which material kicked off this latest investigation). Otherwise it was the usual thing. Anyone who makes an allegation against Adams, as with other senior Republicans, is an ‘opponent of the peace’. Adams, McGuinness et al representing peace, you see.

Doubtless there will be criticism of this process in the coming days. So I do think it worth stating now – whether or not Adams is charged – what a positive step this investigation was…’

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