We need to know the truth about Gerry Adams’s alleged involvement in the ‘disappearance’ of Jean McConville


Originally published in The Spectator

“Readers will know that I am interested in the subject of post-Good Friday agreement ‘justice’ in Northern Ireland. Having been one of the few people to have followed the possibilities of justice over Bloody Sunday, I also recently wrote about the apparently one-sided amnesties which the last Labour government appears to have given to Republicans not convicted of crimes but counted as ‘on the run‘. It has long been my contention that justice cannot only be applied to one side or one group of people. Investigate the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment for what happened in January 1972 and you have to investigate the leadership of Sinn Fein – IRA for their activities.

So it is interesting to note that police in Belfast have arrested and released another man for the murder of Jean McConville in 1972. This follows the arrest and charging last month of former IRA chief Ivor Bell for his alleged involvement in the murder.”

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