Telegraph: Assad’s security forces ‘have beheaded 17 civilians in Baba Amr’


The Syrian army retook Baba Amr, the rebel-held neighbourhood of Homs that had withstood a month of rocket attacks and shelling but which Free Syrian Army fighters were unable to hold in the face of some 7,000 soldiers from the Fourth Division. Assad’s security forces have just beheaded – yes, beheaded – 17 civilians in Baba Amr, according to the human rights group Avaaz. I have been speaking to Will Davies, Avaaz’s media campaigner, who confirmed with me that he is “100 per cent” sure that this story is true as it’s been corroborated by independent sources. In fact, he provided a list of all the victims:

1. Abdul-Haleem Sabouh
2. Abdul-Naser Sabouh
3. Abdul-Hameed Sabouh
4. Abdul-Rahman Sabouh
5. Abdul-Baset Sabouh
6. Amer son of Omer Sabouh
7. Abdul-Moueen Daboul
8. Abdul-Salam Kujuk
9. Barri al-Akidy
10. Ez al-Deen al-Akidy
11. Ahmad al-Akidy
12. Abdul-Rahman Jneed
13. Abdul-Kafi Juneed
14. Radwan Bitar
15. Mahmoud al-Zoubi
16. Mahmoud al-louz
17. Alaa al-Ali


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