New 7/7 link emerges in Kenyan terrorism case


Duncan Gardham in the Telegraph today reports on an intriguing development in the case of Jermaine Grant, the Muslim convert from Newham, East London, who has appeared in court in Kenya on charges of possessing explosives and preparing an attack.

Kenyan authorities are now on the lookout for Natalie Faye Webb – aka Samantha Lewthwaite – the widow of 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay. Webb is thought to have links to a terrorist cell planning an attack in Kenya, who are currently embroiled in a war with al-Qaeda’s East African branch, al-Shabaab. According to the police in Nairobi, Webb is ‘not a small fish’ and is ‘among several Britons’ plotting against Kenya. Also being pursued is Habib Ghani, from Hounslow, West London who is now living in Africa. Both are believed to be connected to Grant.

Webb has had some journey to terrorism. She converted to Islam aged 15, marrying Lindsay in 2002 after meeting him on the internet. She was seven months pregnant when Lindsay – who was also cheating on her – committed the most devastating of all the suicide attacks on 7/7, killing 26 commuters. Webb claimed that she ‘abhorred’ the attacks – yet now appears to be following a similar path to that of her husband.

Webb is believed to be travelling with her three children – one of which is actually thought to have been fathered by a Moroccan Muslim from Birmingham.


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