India censors The Economist


Indian authorities deemed that a map of Kashmir published in The Economist as controversial.

The Economist was forced to cover the map, featured alongside an article on Kashmir, before nationwide distribution.

Why? Because it did not show that the whole of Kashmir – administered by both India and Pakistan – belonged to India.

The article in The Economist discusses how Pakistan and India lay claims to the disputed territory, and how China is exerting and expanding its influence there. India and Pakistan have both claimed Kashmir in its entirety, and have been doing so since 1947.

The BBC also claims that they are targeted by Indian authorities when it comes to discussing Kashmiri borders, if India’s rule over the whole of Kashmir is not reflected.

However, if India aims to cultivate a greater global role for itself, and wants to be seen as a liberalising state, it should start by allowing the international press to have more freedom to publish stories about the country.

* Note: the image of the map included in this blog is taken from The Economist website. This is the map censored by Indian authorities.


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