Latest Suicide Bombings Shows Undiminished Terrorist Threat in Pakistan


Today’s devastating suicide bombing at the training centre for the Frontier Constabulary in Charsadda, Pakistan underscores the murderous price the Taliban and its affiliates have exacted on the Pakistani people. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which they claimed was only ‘…the first revenge for the martyrdom of Bin Laden,’ killed approximately 80 people and wounded at least 120.

Over the past decade, Islamist terrorism has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Pakistani civilians, who have been intentionally targeted in order to undermine support for Pakistan’s cooperation with the US in the Afghan War. The attack comes at a particularly fraught stage in the relationship between the US and Pakistan, in which the US government is struggling to find the right balance between shoring up Pakistani stability and counterterrorism efforts whilst rooting out the elements of the Pakistani security and intelligence services who aid and abet the Taliban Al Qaeda. David Rothkopf offers an interesting take on this dilemma here, arguing that it is vital that the US continues to support Pakistan.


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