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‘Prospects for Russia after Putin: Five Years from the Death of Sergei Magnitsky’

October 7, 2014

Chechnya, Russia’s Forgotten War

Dr. Andrew Foxall
Originally published in World Affairs Fifteen years ago last week, Russia went to war in Chechnya for the second time in five years. “The collapse of the Soviet Union ends in Grozny,” declared the recently appointed and little-known Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin. ...
August 17, 2014

It’s not all going well for Putin – whatever you may read to the contrary

Dr. Andrew Foxall
Originally published in Conservative Home ‘It was all going so well for Vladimir Putin. At the beginning of July, the Russian President was in the driver’s seat. The European Union was divided over whether to impose tougher economic sanctions against Moscow, ...
August 5, 2014

Russia’s response to western sanctions

Dr. Andrew Foxall
Originally published in Financial Times ‘The “stage three” sanctions announced by the US and the European Union against Russia last week are designed to bring about change in President Vladimir Putin’s behaviour by targeting Russia where it is most vulnerable – ...
June 4, 2014

Why Russia Supports Separatism in Eurasia

Nicolae Reutoi
Six days after protests initially broke out on the streets of Sukhumi, the president of the unrecognized Georgian break-away region of Abkhazia, Aleksandr Ankvab, resigned. The resignation came shortly after Vladislav Surkov, a close aid to the Russian President Vladimir ...
May 23, 2014

Yet again, Russian Society Loses In Putin’s Geopolitical Game

Nicolae Reutoi
Never before has the Russian media offered such extended coverage of a foreign trip by President Putin as it did to his two-day trip to Beijing, earlier this week, that culminated with the signing of a 30-year gas deal between ...

Dr Alan Mendoza examines Putin’s tactics on BBC News

Dr. Andrew Foxall on CNBC discussing consequences of Russian support in eastern Ukraine

Dr. Andrew Foxall on France 24 discussing Russian convoys

Friends with Putin for the money, and so

Originally published in (Russian language publication) ‘Inspite of the rapid cooling of Russian-British relations in connection ...

Dr Andrew Foxall on BBC Newsnight

Putin and the Prince of Darkness: Revealed: the web of links between Peter Mandelson’s shadowy global consultancy firm and the billionaire power brokers of Putin’s Russia

Originally published in The Daily Mail ‘With its white marble floors and wood-panelled walls, the prestigious building just north of ...

The high seize! Calls to grab boats of Putin’s billionaire pals

Originally published in The Sun ‘UK-based oligarchs’ plans to spend summer aboard their superyachts could be scuppered after mounting ...

Yacht’s the way to send the oligarchs a message: Calls grow to impound Russian billionaires’ luxury boats in protest at shooting down of MH17

Originally published in The Daily Mail ‘The luxury superyachts of billionaire oligarchs could be seized as part of a squeeze on Vladimir ...

How should Britain approach sanctions on Russian oligarchs?

Originally published in Channel 4 News ‘The shooting down of Flight MH15 over Ukraine has supposedly changed London’s relationship ...

Cameron under pressure to punish Putin oligarchs

Originally published in the Telegraph ‘David Cameron was under growing pressure yesterday to impose financial sanctions on oligarchs with ...