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Professional Staff

Dr Alan Mendoza

Dr Alan Mendoza is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Henry Jackson Society, and will direct the strategic approach of the new Centre. Alan is a recognised authority on domestic and international security and defence, the transatlantic relationship and Middle East. He is a frequent speaker on various foreign policy topics and makes regular appearances on the BBC, Sky, CNBC, Al-Jazeera, and Bloomberg.

Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray is an award-winning author, noted political journalist and outspoken voice on radicalisation and Islam. He serves as Associate Director at The Henry Jackson Society, previously having founded the Centre for Social Cohesion, a think tank studying extremism and terrorism in the UK. Douglas also serves as Associate Editor at the Spectator and columnist for Standpoint, and is regularly called upon by the major media outlets. He is an acclaimed author of books on conservatism, terrorism and national security.

Nikita Malik

Nikita Malik is the Director of the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism (CRT) at the Henry Jackson Society. She has published several ground-breaking reports backed and endorsed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Child Soldiers, Solidarity for Refugees, and Child to Child. Malik has presented findings and evidence to EU and UK Parliament, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Department of State (DoS), the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN), and the United Nations.

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson is a Fellow at the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism at The Henry Jackson Society. Tom specialises in the study of extremist groups and counter-terrorism strategy. His research has focussed on both the growth of extremism in the UK as well as terrorist organisations in the Middle East.

Emma Webb

Emma Webb is a Fellow at the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism. Emma specialises in European Islamist terror networks and counter-extremism. Her research has focused on non-violent and violent extremism in the UK and Europe, and counter-extremism within educational institutions.

Najah Al-Otaibi

Najah is a Fellow for the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism Najah is an experienced analyst focussing on geopolitics, public policy in the Middle East with a particular speciality in counter-extremism policy and research. Najah was among the winners of the “Every Human Has Rights” media awards and has an extensive track record in writing for international and Arab media including Al-Arabiya.

Dr Julia Rushchenko

Dr Julia Rushchenko is a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism. Julia holds a PhD in Global Criminology from Utrecht University and the University of Hamburg. She is a recipient of the prestigious scholarships issued by the U.S. Department of State, the European Commission and the British Council. Dr Rushchenko currently teaches Terrorism, Counter Terrorism Policing and Organised Crime (MA in Global Security) at the University of West London. Previously, she worked as an Erasmus Mundus Doctoral Fellow at the University of Kent and was a visiting scholar at the UC San Diego.