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January 22, 2018

David Davies: Now that we’re leaving the EU, we must also quit the European Arrest Warrant

David Davies is Chair of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee, and is MP for Monmouth.
A nation which has no control over who crosses its borders is not a free nation in any sense of the word. Many, perhaps most, of …

Posted in European Union, News Coverage, United Kingdom
January 12, 2018

Defence secretary ‘horrified’ at military cost-cutting plans that would leave the smallest British army since Napoleonic wars

The defence secretary Gavin Williamson is reportedly “horrified” at the extent of proposed cuts by military chiefs that would see Britain’s army pared back to numbers not seen for two centuries.
 A budget shortfall of around £20bn has forced the hand of the …

Posted in Defence, Global Britain Editorial, News Coverage, United Kingdom
January 5, 2018

Fake news spread by British website and social media bots

A fake news operation has spread hundreds of fabricated reports after establishing a bogus website named Manchester Weekly that is backed by dozens of social media accounts set up to woo prominent politicians, researchers and journalists.
An investigation by The National has found …

Posted in Media, News Coverage, Technology
December 30, 2017

“Death to the dictator”

How dicey is the revolt for the mullahs? BILD spoke with Iran experts and Middle East analysts.

For two days, tens of thousands of Iranians across the country have been demonstrating against their government, the Islamist mullah regime.
Their starting point was the …

Posted in Iran, Middle East, News Coverage
December 28, 2017

YouTube moderation is slammed yet again after investigation reveals the site takes down ‘less than half’ of dangerous hate content that is reported to it

YouTube takes down less than half hate content that gets reported, according to a shocking new report by a think tank.
The material that does get taken down – which includes Islamist extremist postings – is left for almost two weeks before …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage, Technology
December 27, 2017

YouTube takes down ‘less than half of the dangerous hate content that gets reported to it’

YOUTUBE takes down less than half of the dangerous hate content that gets reported to it, a major study has revealed.
Even when the video sharing giant does act to remove Islamist extremist and far right films, it takes almost two …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage, Technology
December 26, 2017

Europe in 2030: four alternative futures

Europe’s future is not what it used to be. Ever since the global financial crisis broke out nearly a decade ago, Europe has been hit by one crisis after another. There has been a debt crisis, an economic crisis, an …

Posted in European Union, News Coverage, United Kingdom
December 21, 2017

‘Boost our troops’ Calls for Theresa May to build BIGGER army to underpin EURO security

James Rogers, founding member of The Henry Jackson Society and the Director of Global Britain Programme, said increased defence spending will help underpin European security.
He called for Britain to increase spending to at least three per cent of its GDP …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom

Un Ejército “incapaz”: nadie habla de la Defensa de UK y es clave para el Brexit

Con el Brexit, el Reino Unido ha prometido convertirse en un “país global”. Sin embargo, en materia de Defensa, su salida de la UE coincide con un momento de preocupante decadencia de las Fuerzas Armadas británicas. La posibilidad de acometer más recortes tiene …

Posted in Defence, European Union, News Coverage
December 20, 2017

Social media companies accused of ‘radicalising and grooming’ users with algorithms

Internet giants have been accused of aiding terrorist groups by letting their own algorithms radicalise people and draw them into a “bubble of hate”.
The chair of the Home Affairs Committee warned representatives from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that police were …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage, Technology, United Kingdom
December 19, 2017

Bomb manual used by New York terrorist suspect still just a Google search away

Bomb-making guides similar to the instructions used by the suspect in last week’s New York subway attack are still easy to find online, despite repeated promises by Google to block such material from appearing in search results.

RT correspondent Jacqueline Vouga …

Posted in News Coverage, Technology, Terrorism & Security, United States
December 18, 2017

New York attack: Terror manuals containing instructions for bomb used by Akayed Ullah remain online

Terrorist manuals showing jihadis how to build the same type of bomb used in last week’s New York subway attack remain online amid warnings of further attacks.
Google’s algorithms could lead extremists to the material, which was still available through search results more than 48 hours after The Independent alerted …

Posted in News Coverage, Terrorism & Security, United States
December 15, 2017

The rest of the EU is in debt to the UK when it comes to the defence of Europe

At the end of the Second World War, the situation on the continent was bleak: European civilisation – or what was left of it – was profoundly disturbed and razed almost wholly to the ground. Germany was in abject desolation, …

Posted in Defence, Opinion Editorial, United Kingdom

Britain deserves respect in the Brexit talks given how much it has done to keep Europe safe

By James Rogers
On Tuesday, Philippe Lamberts, the Greens’ representative on the British withdrawal steering group in the European Parliament, denounced the UK as a “gangster”. A few weeks before, Michel Barnier, the European Commission’s lead negotiator on Britain’s withdrawal, also fired a …

Posted in Defence, Opinion Editorial, United Kingdom
December 13, 2017

Report: UK ‘Foots the Bill’ for European Defence, EU has Shortchanged NATO by £338 Billion

Britain has supplemented European Union (EU) defence spending by hundreds of billions over five years, as fellow member states short-changed the NATO defence alliance by £338billion, new research shows.
Spending around £214billion since 2012, the UK accounts for just under a …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom

UK BAIL OUT Britain propped up Europe’s defence after other EU states short-changed Nato by £338billion

BRITAIN is propping up Europe’s defence after it emerged other EU states short-changed NATO by an eye-watering £338billion over the last five years.
A new report reveals the UK now accounts for almost a third of all defence spending across the …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom

UK props up EU’s defence with £17bn as Germany, Italy and France fail to meet NATO targets

It says member states “shortchanged” their own defence by nearly £340 billion between 2012 and 2016.
But the UK has propped up the protection of Europe by £17billion over the same period, according to the Henry Jackson Society think-tank.
Its report, What …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom

MAPPED: The states shortchanging NATO by BILLIONS – with UK propping up EU security

In total EU member states have underfunded NATO by a total of £339 billion over the past five years – a staggering amount.
The shocking report, titled ‘What the European Union owes the United Kingdom’, said Germany was the biggest offender, owing £107 …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom

‘They OWE Britain’ EU blasted for portraying UK as ‘pariah state’ to mask its own failures

In a major new report that will shame Brussels the Henry Jackson Society calculated the 27 EU members have underspent on defence and foreign aid pledges by a whopping £489 billion.
Experts conclude the rest of Europe “owes” Britain an astonishing …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom

Britain’s defence commitments

But a new report by the the think tank the Henry Jackson Society, says that the EU will need British military support in future and this should be a factor in negotiations with Brussels.
The report titled What the European Union owes the …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom

What the European Union owes the United Kingdom

Read the full policy briefing here
A policy briefing by The Henry Jackson Society – What the European Union owes the United Kingdom – highlights how European defence is substantially dependent upon the United Kingdom’s financial contributions.
Countries on the European mainland …

Posted in Defence, European Union, Publication, Spotlight, United Kingdom
December 12, 2017

British ISIS fanatics could soon be waging war in Afghanistan after being blasted from their terror strongholds in Iraq and Syria

BRITISH jihadists driven out of Iraq and Syria by the defeat of ISIS’s caliphate could be making their way to Afghanistan to wage their holy war.
French and Algerian fighters have already joined the ranks of the Islamic State group in …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, ISIS, News Coverage

Al Jazeera coverage of Trump’s Jerusalem move ‘promoting hatred’

LONDON: Al Jazeera’s coverage of President Donald Trump’s recent decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem has been criticized for “promoting hatred and furthering tensions.”
As Trump’s decision sparked global outrage, with world leaders denouncing the move, international …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Media, Middle East, News Coverage
December 10, 2017

Banning jihadists from re-entering Britain could ease terror threat, says DR ALAN MENDOZA

Two months ago, MI5 chief Andrew Parker warned that we are facing a “multidimensional threat” from terrorism that is rapidly evolving “at a scale and pace we’ve not seen before.”Our intelligence services currently run more than 500 operations involving around …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Terrorism & Security
December 8, 2017

Tom Wilson discusses Jerusalem on BBC World News

Posted in Broadcast Appearances, Israel/Palestine
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