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Category Archives: Briefing

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February 28, 2012

The state of Libya: One year beyond the revolution

Executive Summary:

Libya is not collapsing. The desire of Libya’s people to see their revolution succeed is extremely widespread, and this sense of collective ownership is compelling Libyans to take responsibility for the success or otherwise of their country’s transition to …

Posted in Briefing, Libya, Spotlight
February 20, 2012

Is Al-Qaida in Syria?

In the last fortnight there has been a growing media interest in whether or not al-Qaida is in Syria and may have carried out two terrorist attacks in Damascus and a more recent one in Aleppo. First an article appeared …

Posted in Briefing, Spotlight, Syria
February 17, 2012

Revolution in Danger

with additional research by Brian Milne
The Syrian National Council (SNC) has emerged as the leading political force in the effort to unseat the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It has the widest degree of representation of any of the …

Posted in Briefing, Spotlight, Syria
December 21, 2011

Libya’s Transition to Democracy: An Assessment with Recommendations for British Foreign Policy

HJS Research Fellow George Grant gives an assessment of democracy in Libya beyond Gaddafi, and its implications for British foreign policy.

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December 20, 2011

Intervention in Syria? An Assessment of Legality, Logistics and Hazards

HJS Communications Director Michael Weiss analyses the prospects of military intervention in Syria.

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December 15, 2011

Iraq After The War: A Bleak Prognosis

HJS Research Fellow Robin Simcox analyses the situation in Iraq following the American withdrawal, including the influence of Iran and the strength of al-Qaeda.

Posted in Briefing, Democracy & Development, Iran, Islamism, Middle East, War in Iraq
December 6, 2011

The Duma Drubbing: In an election marred by fraud, Putin’s United Russia still loses significant support

HJS Research Fellow Julia Pettengill analyzes the electoral setback for Vladimir Putin

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November 28, 2011

The Egyptian Elections: A Preliminary Political Assessment of the Post-Mubarak Era

A comprehensive look at Egypt’s political landscape.

Posted in Briefing, Democracy & Development, Egypt, Islamism, Middle East

The challenge facing Britain’s new Defence Secretary

A strategic briefing on the arrival of the new Defence Secretary and the outlook for the British military.

Posted in Briefing, Defence, Middle East, United Kingdom, War in Afghanistan
November 23, 2011

The Bahrain Uprising: Towards Confrontation or Accommodation?

Examining the newly released report on Bahrain’s crackdown and the allegation of Iranian influence in the protest movement.

Posted in Briefing, Democracy & Development, Islamism, Middle East, Middle East
November 17, 2011

Whither the Technocrat? How Salam Fayyad and his Palestinian State-building plan are imperiled by Fatah-Hamas unity

When might a successful Prime Minister be forced to step down?

Posted in Briefing, Democracy & Development, Israel, Israel/Palestine, Middle East, Palestine
November 8, 2011

The Next Phase in American Free Trade: Colombia, Panama and South Korea

Peter John Cannon looks at the future of trade agreements in the Americas.

Posted in Briefing, South America
November 2, 2011

Political Implications of the Palestinian Accession to UNESCO

Michael Weiss and Houriya Ahmed analyze what the PA’s membership really means.

Posted in Briefing, Israel, Israel/Palestine, Palestine
October 28, 2011

Turkey and the Arab Spring

Hannah Stuart analyzes Turkey’s role in a changing region.

Posted in Briefing, Middle East, Turkey
October 17, 2011

The Prisoners Dilemma: Motives and Implications for Israel’s Gilad Shalit Deal

Houriya Ahmed and Julia Pettengill analyze the motivations behind the prisoner swap deal between Israel and Hamas.

Posted in Briefing, Israel, Israel/Palestine
October 6, 2011

The Age of Impunity: Russia After Communism and Under Putin

Alexander Solzhenitsyn made this prediction just prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and the revival of Russian autocracy in the last decade has sadly demonstrated the prescience of Solzhenitsyn’s prophecy.1 This is not to say that …

Posted in Briefing, RSC Editorial, Russia, Russia Studies Centre
September 19, 2011

Al-Shabaab’s Mogadishu Retreat

Robin Simcox looks at the emerging threat posed by the Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen in Somalia in the wake of the group’s recent retreat from Mogadishu.

Posted in Briefing, Islamism, Religious Fundamentalism, Somalia, Terrorism & Security
September 5, 2011

No Path to Peace: The Potential Consequences of Palestinian Unilateral Actions at the United Nations General Assembly

A Henry Jackson Society report analysing the potential consequences of Mahmoud Abbas’s pursuit of Palestinian statehood recognition at the UN General Assembly.

Posted in Briefing, Israel, Israel/Palestine
August 30, 2011

An emerging threat: al-Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula

This month’s attacks in Israel were staged from the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Recent terrorist acts there have led the US to conclude that an al-Qaeda presence has emerged. This will have a significant impact on the entire region, and could …

Posted in Briefing, Middle East, Terrorism & Security
August 24, 2011

Regime change for Syria

Michael Weiss explains how the West can facilitate the end of the Assad dictatorship.

Posted in Briefing, Democracy & Development, Syria
August 23, 2011

Endgame in Libya

George Grant studies prospects for a post-Gaddafi Libya.

Posted in Briefing, Libya, Middle East
July 11, 2011

Regional Actors and the Fatah-Hamas Unity Deal

Julia Pettengill and Houriya Ahmed analyse the Fatah-Hamas unity deal as a case study of the threats and opportunities the Arab Spring has presented in the Middle East.

Posted in Briefing, Democracy & Development, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Israel/Palestine, Middle East, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
June 6, 2011

The Syrian opposition: Political analysis with original testimony from key figures

Michael Weiss and Hannah Stuart provide an overview of the Syrian uprising and the nature of the opposition.

Posted in Briefing, Syria
May 13, 2011

Yemen Beyond Saleh – Problems and Prospects for the U.S. and its Allies

Robin Simcox analyses the prospects for future Western policy in Yemen if President Saleh falls from power.

Posted in Briefing, Democracy & Development, Middle East, United States, Yemen
May 6, 2011

The Death of Bin Laden – Implications for UK foreign policy and homeland security

Houriya Ahmed, George Grant and Julia Pettengill are looking at the implications of the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Posted in Briefing, Pakistan, Terrorism & Security, United Kingdom
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