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Category Archives: Yemen

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June 15, 2011

Droning Yemen

Yemen remains in a catastrophic condition, with the government grasp on major cities slipping and civil war looking increasingly possible. Political instability is hindering any attempts to resolve this, with President Saleh still having not formally stepped down (he remains …

Posted in Defence, Democracy & Development, Terrorism & Security, The Scoop, Yemen
June 6, 2011

Can amnesty for dictators help advance democracy?

As the Yemeni opposition movement plans to arrange for a transfer of power from President Saleh to Vice President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, it remains unclear whether Saleh is working to secure an amnesty deal in Saudi Arabia, or if he intends to return …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, The Scoop, Yemen
May 31, 2011

Yemen stares into the abyss

Violence in Yemen is escalating. The longer President Saleh stays in power, the greater the chance of all out civil war.
The situation in Yemen is descending fast, with President Saleh’s forces continuing to kill protesters at an alarming rate. His …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Terrorism & Security, The Scoop, Yemen
May 19, 2011

The Hawk

When America traded George W. Bush for Barack Obama, few thought the result would be an escalation in the American war on terror. Swathes of U.S. conservatives (but also some liberals) were ready to dismiss President Obama as too naïve …

Posted in Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism & Security, United States, War in Afghanistan, Yemen
May 17, 2011

Saleh on the brink?

Yemen’s president – once again – looks to be on the verge of stepping down.
There is fresh hope in Yemen that President Saleh will accept the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) proposal that will see him step down, and fresh elections take place. …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Middle East, Middle East, The Scoop, Yemen
May 13, 2011

Yemen Beyond Saleh – Problems and Prospects for the U.S. and its Allies

Robin Simcox analyses the prospects for future Western policy in Yemen if President Saleh falls from power.

Posted in Briefing, Democracy & Development, Middle East, United States, Yemen
May 9, 2011

The morality of assassinating al-Qaeda

It has been reported that Anwar al-Awlaki, a top al-Qaeda (AQ) commander in Yemen, narrowly avoided meeting the same end as Osama bin Laden last week. U.S. armed drone strikes in Yemen killed two brothers known to shelter AQ militants, …

Posted in Terrorism & Security, The Scoop, Trans-Atlantic Relations, Yemen
May 8, 2011

PREVENTing Islamists on Campus

Acknowledging his long overdue demise in a statement on Friday, those seeking to take up the mantle of Osama Bin Laden threatened to “turn our happiness to sadness” and “mingle our blood with our tears”.
I for one, intend to remain happy. …

Posted in Defence, Terrorism & Security, The Scoop, United Kingdom, Yemen
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