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Category Archives: Turkey

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April 13, 2012

Is Turkey preparing for an intervention in Syria?

The short answer is yes. Although it won’t happen tomorrow or without assistance especially from the United States, which is evidently first going to allow Kofi Annan to try his luck getting Iran to broker a peace deal. But Abdullah Bozkurt, a columnist at …

Posted in Middle East, Spotlight, Syria, The Scoop, Turkey
November 15, 2011

Syria: US leads from behind, Turkey and Iran move in

As Dr Burhan Ghalioun, a leading member of the Syrian National Council (SNC), spends the week meeting with the German and Russian foreign ministers, the US has yet to engage with the SNC at a high level.  US Secretary of …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Middle East, Syria, The Scoop, Turkey, United States
October 28, 2011

Turkey and the Arab Spring

Hannah Stuart analyzes Turkey’s role in a changing region.

Posted in Briefing, Middle East, Turkey
October 26, 2011

Turkey’s Hand in the Syrian Opposition

After seven months of wrangling to form a cohesive opposition movement, Syrian activists finally pulled it off with the formal announcement in Istanbul of the Syrian National Council (SNC), a body that mirrors the Libyan opposition’s National Transitional Council in …

Posted in Middle East, Syria, Turkey, Turkey
September 15, 2011

Turkey’s Neo-Ottoman Foreign Policy

How does Turkey’s ruling Islamist party react when it gets a report it doesn’t like from the United Nations?
By yanking diplomats, threatening military conflict with a neighbor, and menacingly eyeing that neighbor’s new yield of natural resources.
If the General Assembly …

Posted in Defence, Islamism, Israel/Palestine, Middle East, Turkey
September 14, 2011

Turkish-Israeli relations deteriorate as Erdogan commends Palestinian statehood bid

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has proclaimed his support for UN recognition of Palestinian statehood, which the Palestinian authority is set to bring to the UN Secretary General next week, telling the Arab League that “recognition of the Palestinian state …

Posted in Israel/Palestine, The Scoop, Turkey
September 2, 2011

Turkish-Israeli relations deteriorates further

Details of a UN report into Israel’s interception of last year’s Gaza Flotilla have been leaked. Nine Turkish activists died when Israeli soldiers acted in self-defence. The report concludes that Israeli forces used excessive force, but its blockade over Gaza …

Posted in Israel, Israel/Palestine, Middle East, The Scoop, Turkey
July 11, 2011

Regional Actors and the Fatah-Hamas Unity Deal

Julia Pettengill and Houriya Ahmed analyse the Fatah-Hamas unity deal as a case study of the threats and opportunities the Arab Spring has presented in the Middle East.

Posted in Briefing, Democracy & Development, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Israel/Palestine, Middle East, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
June 13, 2011

Assad’s death squads have had a busy few weeks. But don’t expect the BBC to tell you

As the Syrian city of Jisr al-Shughour emptied its streets at the weekend, with 5,000 refugees having fled to Turkey and another 6,000 sat waiting at the Syrian-Turkish border, Western audiences were treated to the following howlers by Syrian state …

Posted in Islamism, Syria, Turkey
June 9, 2011

Turkey’s Elections: A Mandate for the AKP’s Bold New Middle East Policy?

By kind invitation of Gisela Stuart MP, The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to be host a discussion with Ziya Meral, an expert on Turkish politics and society and Researcher in Political Science at Cambridge University.  Mr Meral offered his …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Event, Turkey
May 12, 2011

Eurasian Geopolitics and the Fate of the West

By kind invitation of Tobias Ellwood MP, The Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a discussion with Alexandros Petersen, Director of Research, The Henry Jackson Society and Author of “The World Island: Eurasian Geopolitics and the Fate of the …

Posted in China, Democracy & Development, Europe, Event, Turkey
February 9, 2010

Whither Turkey?

By kind invitation of Bob Laxton MP, the Henry Jackson Society and the All-Party British-Turkish Parliamentary Group were pleased to be able to invite guests to a discussion with Ziya Meral, an expert on Turkish politics and society as well …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Event, Human Rights, Middle East, Turkey
June 11, 2008

Turkey in 2008

By kind invitation of Bob Laxton MP, the Henry Jackson Society was pleased to host a discussion with Professor Ahmet Davutoglu to address an audience at the House of Commons about Turkish foreign policy. Professor Davutoglu is the Chief Foreign Policy Advisor …

Posted in Event, Turkey
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