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Category Archives: Poland

June 2, 2016

After a Brexit, Could Poland and Austria Be Next?

When Poland’s right-wing Prime Minister Beata Szydlo swept to an election victory late last year, one of the first things her government did was remove the blue European Union flag from the backdrop of her news conferences, and leave only …

Posted in European Union, News Coverage, Poland
March 19, 2015

Event Transcript: ‘The State of Democracy After 25 Years: Lessons from Central and Eastern Europe’

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Posted in Democracy & Development, Europe, European Union, Event Transcript, Far-Right, Human Rights, Media, Poland, Russia
June 2, 2014

Sikorski Is No Savior

Originally published in Foreign Policy
‘The Polish success story has become something of a fantasy among Western European liberals who are now arguing that Poland can be a catalyst for reform in Eastern Europe and that the happy outcome of the Polish …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Poland, Spotlight