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Category Archives: News Coverage

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December 14, 2016

How will the fall of Aleppo affect the Syrian civil war?

Originally published in TRT World
Syrian regime forces loyal to Bashar al Assad and his allies have taken control of the rebel-held eastern district of Aleppo on Tuesday. Opposition defences collapsed on Monday after heavy bombing forced them to retreat to districts on the west bank …

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Likud MK: Netanyahu’s heart isn’t in two-state solution

A parliamentarian in Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party has said that Likud shares a one-state vision where Palestinians live under a Jewish state, and that Netanyahu only talks about two states because he feels obliged to.

Challenging Zohar’s idea that Palestinians …

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A BBC show dubbed by the media as “the Muslim Big Brother” is already under fire ahead of its airing on Monday night.
Muslims Like Us will feature ten Muslims with contrasting world views living in a house together as they …

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December 8, 2016

Will Boris Johnson’s Saudi comments hurt the UK’s Gulf trade charm offensive?

Originally published by City A.M
Foreign secretary Boris Johnson‘s attack on Saudi Arabia runs the risk of harming UK efforts to build trading relations with Gulf states, experts say.
In remarks reported earlier this week, Johnson accused the Saudi regime of “twisting” …

Posted in Middle East, News Coverage, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom
December 7, 2016

BBC slammed over IS sympathiser’s role on show about British Muslims

Originally published by the Evening Standard
The BBC was today accused of “totally inappropriate” conduct over its decision to feature a notorious extremist who has expressed support for Islamic State beheadings in a new programme on British Muslims to be broadcast next week.
Anthony …

Posted in Islamism, News Coverage, United Kingdom
December 5, 2016

‘Right on’ critics are ignoring problems caused by immigration, government tsar warns after Muslim groups condemn her ‘inflammatory call’ for newcomers to take a vow of allegiance.

Originally published by the Daily Mail.
The author of a bombshell report on immigration and integration in Britain today slammed ‘right on’ critics for ignoring real problems.
Dame Louise Casey made a series of extraordinary recommendations today after months studying the impact …

Posted in News Coverage, United Kingdom
December 3, 2016

Syria rebels vow to adopt guerrilla tactics as Assad forces seize two thirds of east Aleppo

Originally published by the Telegraph.
Faced with almost certain defeat in the city of Aleppo, Syrian rebel groups have promised to continue their war by adopting the guerrilla tactics of assassinations, armed raids and roadside bombs.
The four-year battle for control of …

Posted in Middle East, News Coverage, Syria, Terrorism & Security
November 29, 2016

Austria Elections Reflect Europe’s Right-wing Surge

Originally published by Voice of America
LONDON — Austria’s elections on Sunday could see Norbert Hofer chosen as the country’s first far-right leader since World War II. Austrians will head to the polls following a victory this week by Francois Fillon, the …

Posted in Europe, Far-Right, News Coverage
November 27, 2016

Woman who works for Government’s counter-terrorism unit posts backing for extremists online

Originally published by The Sun
A WOMAN who works for the Government’s counter-terrorism unit has been posting backing for extremists online.

Henry Jackson Society research fellow, Rupert Sutton, said: “Mend has been part of a deeply damaging campaign to undermine public confidence …

Posted in News Coverage, United Kingdom
November 25, 2016

Foreign fighters for statelets: From Kurdistan to the ‘Caliphate’

Originally posted by the New Arab
Much is made of the foreign fighters who flock to join the “caliphate” Islamic State (IS) claims to have established in Iraq and Syria.
Although many foreign fighters are from Middle Eastern and North African countries, …

Posted in Iraq, ISIS, Middle East, News Coverage, Syria

The right must stop explaining away the crimes of Thomas Mair

Originally published by the New Statesman
When I was a teenager, and prone to overlapping love affairs as teenagers often are, I found myself abandoned by one girl in favour of a white boy, and found another at the expense of …

Posted in Extremism, Far-Right, News Coverage, United Kingdom
November 20, 2016

Spain terror threat: Two suspected ISIS terrorists ‘awaiting orders to attack’ arrested

Originally published in The Daily Star
The Moroccan pair were “dangerous” and “directed and controlled” by the terror group, Spanish Ministry of Interior officials said.
The two men, who have not been named, are said to have isolated themselves from the rest …

Posted in ISIS, Morocco, News Coverage, Spain, Terrorism & Security
November 15, 2016

The surprising similarities of Trump and Obama on foreign policy

Originally posted by the Christian Science Monitor:
Barack Obama undertakes his last overseas trip as president this week with an adjusted mission in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory: to reassure allies and partners about continuing support for them and America’s …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, Terrorism & Security, United States
November 12, 2016

Leading Islamic charity told by watchdog to distance itself from extremism

Originally posted in the Sunday Telegraph:
A leading Islamic charity which penned an open letter criticising The Sunday Telegraph’s reports about its extreme speakers and filed numerous complaints to the press regulator has been warned by the Charities Commission it must …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage, Terrorism & Security

Russian warships arrive off Syrian coast ahead of ‘final’ assault on Aleppo

A flotilla of Russian warships arrived off the coast of Syria on Saturday, readying for a large-scale land and sea assault on the city of Aleppo.

“Moscow clearly intends this as a message to the West – …

Posted in Middle East, News Coverage, Russia, Syria
November 2, 2016

Philip Hammond accuses Russia of taking down TV network and electricity companies with cyber attacks

Originally posted by The Sun.
PHILIP Hammond has accused Russia of taking down an entire TV network as well as electricity companies with devastating cyber attacks.

He was backed by Dr Andrew Foxall of the Henry Jackson Society think tank.
Cyber expert Dr Foxall …

Posted in News Coverage, Russia
October 30, 2016

Saddam and the Islamic State: family connections

Originally posted by The New Arab
Earlier this week on Tuesday, the Kirkuk police department announced that a cousin of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had been arrested south of the city on charges of participating in recent attacks launched in the province …

Posted in Iraq, ISIS, News Coverage
October 29, 2016

The ISIS Dirty Dozen – the world’s most wanted jihadis hunted by the West

Originally posted by The Daily Star
The Battle for Mosul is raging as the so-called caliphate is battered back by the Iraqi Army and their US-coalition allies in bid to shatter the cult’s final stronghold in Iraq.

Daily Star Online can now reveal …

Posted in ISIS, News Coverage
October 22, 2016

Is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s London embassy asylum nearing its end?

Originally posted on NewsGram
Ecuador’s decision to temporarily cut Julian Assange’s internet access is a sign that the WikiLeaks founder could be overstaying his welcome at the country’s London embassy – or so some in Britain hope.

“I do hope that this is …

Posted in News Coverage
October 19, 2016

There’s a massive loser in tonight’s presidential TV debate – and it isn’t Donald Trump

Originally published by The Spectator
Did you think, after the second presidential TV debate last week, that democracy couldn’t sink lower? Well, think again. Tonight’s clash between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Las Vegas — already dubbed ‘fight night’ — looks …

Posted in Democracy & Development, News Coverage, United States

What happens if Islamic State flees Iraq?

Originally published by The Week
The EU’s security commissioner has warned of the threat to Europe posed by Islamic State militants fleeing Mosul.

Kyle Orton, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, believes the group is deliberately giving up its caliphate.

Read full …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Defence, Europe, European Union, Extremism, Iraq, ISIS, Middle East, News Coverage, Religious Fundamentalism, Syria, Terrorism & Security, Turkey
October 18, 2016

After losses in Syria and Iraq, Islamic State moves goal posts

Orginally published by Boston Globe
BEIRUT — Islamic State leaders had long promised their followers an apocalyptic battle — foretold, some believe, by the Prophet Mohammed — in an otherwise nondescript village they controlled in northern Syria.

Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, the senior Islamic …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Extremism, Iraq, ISIS, Middle East, News Coverage, Religious Fundamentalism, Syria, Terrorism & Security
October 17, 2016

Eastwood’s selective style of tolerance could lead to problems for SDLP in future

Originally published by The Belfast Times
The second, a few days ago, apropos various remarks of Donald Trump, explained: “As leader of the SDLP and the progressive nationalist tradition on this island, I will not give any support to such an administration, …

Posted in Democracy & Development, News Coverage, United States
October 16, 2016

Stop the War linked to Putin puppets

Originally published by The Sunday Times
An organisation funded by the Kremlin to undermine the West has named Stop the War, the hard-left group chaired until last year by Jeremy Corbyn, as its official UK partner.

Andrew Foxall, director of the Russia Studies …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Human Rights, News Coverage, RSC News Coverage, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom
October 15, 2016

Stop the War chief accused of hypocrisy

Originally published by The Times
The deputy leader of the Stop the War Coalition has refused to protest at the Russian embassy although has often been spotted demonstrating outside the Israeli and American missions.

Davis Lewin, of the Henry Jackson Society think tank, …

Posted in Defence, Democracy & Development, Human Rights, News Coverage, RSC News Coverage, Russia
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