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Category Archives: News Coverage

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March 8, 2018

Tory MP urges Theresa May to hit back at Vladimir Putin and ‘get tough on his oligarch pals in London’

THERESA May must hit back at Vladimir Putin by targeting his oligarch pals in London as well as their kids’ elite schooling, a senior Tory has demanded.
Hundreds of multi-millionaire Russians with strong Kremlin links are living in luxury in Britain’s …

Posted in News Coverage, Russia

‘Treat Russian oligarchs like CROOKS!’ Tory MP DEMANDS crackdown after spy poison attack

Tory MP Tom Tugendhat called on the Prime Minister to be bold in her approach to Russia following a nerve agent attack on an ex-Kremlin spy that Putin’s Government have been accused offing responsible for.
Hundreds of Russian millionaires own property …

Posted in News Coverage, Russia
March 7, 2018

Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to London offers counter-extremism fresh start

Since becoming Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in June, Prince Mohammed bin Salman has laid down a series of bold initiatives, perhaps none more challenging that his vow to return the country to the “moderate Islam” of his grandfathers
It ranks …

Posted in News Coverage, Saudi Arabia

What’s wrong with UK’s approach to the Middle East?

The Gulf states have repeatedly been in the international spotlight in the context of the spread of terrorism and radical Islam. But not as much is said about their efforts to counteract these trends. In this regard, I found a …

Posted in Middle East, News Coverage, Terrorism & Security

Britain Threatens ‘Robust’ Response If Russia Behind Spy Poisoning

LONDON — Britain has threatened a “robust” response if it is proven that Russia is behind the apparent attempted killing of a former double agent.
Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found collapsed in their home town in southern England Sunday, showing …

Posted in News Coverage, Russia

Masked THUGS protest shows universities becoming ‘intolerant to FREE SPEECH’

Video shows demonstrators forcing their way into a building on KCL before setting off a fire alarm and smoke bombs to “no platform” the controversial Carl Benjamin, otherwise known as Sargon of Akkad, and Chairman of the Board of Directors …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage
March 6, 2018

Sergei Skripal: ‘UK authorities would be foolish if they didn’t investigate Russian connections’

UK authorities would be foolish not to investigate connections with Russia in the investigation of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, The Henry Jackson Society has said.
Skripal and a women believed to be his daughter are in a critical condition in …

Posted in News Coverage, Russia

Everything We Know About Sergei Skripal, the “Poisoned” Russian Double Agent

A former colonel in the Russian military, who passed state secrets to the British, was found slumped on a bench in the U.K. town of Salisbury Sunday after “suspected exposure to a hazardous substance.”
Echoing the 2006 poisoning of former KGB …

Posted in News Coverage, Russia

Fears for public after Russian spy is ‘poisoned’ on British street: Double agent who sold secrets to MI6 before being given refuge in UK fights for his life in hospital as officials issue health alert

A Russian colonel who spied for MI6 is critically ill in a British hospital amid fears of a poison plot.
Sergei Skripal, 66, who had recently told police he feared for his life, was rushed to hospital after collapsing on a …

Posted in News Coverage, Russia

Russian spy fights for life after apparent poisoning

London: A Russian agent convicted of spying for Britain is fighting for his life amid suspicions he was poisoned in a shopping centre in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.
Sergei Skripal, 66, was in intensive care after being exposed to a mysterious substance as …

Posted in News Coverage, Russia

Russian spy fighting for life after being ‘poisoned’ by unknown substance in Salisbury

A Russian agent convicted of spying for Britain was fighting for his life last night amid suspicions he was poisoned in a shopping centre in Wiltshire.
Sergei Skripal, 66, was in intensive care after being exposed to a mysterious substance as …

Posted in News Coverage, Russia
March 5, 2018

Brexit Britain should be wary of striking quick trade deals with China, Indian CEO says

Britain should be wary of rushing into quick trade deals with “non-democracies” such as China once it leaves the EU, the head of the Bombay Stock Exchange has warned.
Ashish Chauhan said Brexit was “both an opportunity and a threat” that would …

Posted in China, News Coverage

Trump, Netanyahu to meet amid growing uncertainty on Mideast peace deal

President Trump will meet Monday in Washington with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with hopes of soon reaching a long-sought Mideast peace agreement, as both world leaders try to make international progress amid the strains of domestic investigations into each …

Posted in Israel, News Coverage
March 3, 2018

The Fresh Prince: Will Saudi royal Mohammed bin Salman’s reforms bring actual change?

“I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made”, FDR once said.
If we were to apply the same logic to a current world leader and three-letter acronym, the Saudi crown prince known as MBS, we would be …

Posted in News Coverage, Saudi Arabia
March 2, 2018

Isis fanatic tried to recruit children for ‘death squad’ to launch terror attacks in London

An unqualified teacher has been convicted of trying to recruit an “army of children” to launch a series of Isis-inspired attacks on dozens of targets across London.
Umar Haque brainwashed young pupils he taught at an Islamic school and mosque and made them …

Posted in News Coverage, Terrorism & Security

The ISIL plotter who groomed a children’s army

A school administrator was convicted on Friday of trying recruit a 300-strong children’s army to carry out terrorist attacks on the UK parliament, embassies and dozens of high-profile targets in London.
Umar Haque, 25, showed beheading videos during Islamic studies classes …

Posted in News Coverage, Terrorism & Security
February 28, 2018

UK government gives £6 million to extremist charities, report claims

The UK government has funded a number of charities vulnerable to co-option by extremist groups to the tune of £6 million, it has been revealed.
The charities stand accused of promoting extremist literature and speakers, as well as lending legitimacy to questionable …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage
February 26, 2018

Report: UK Taxpayer Hands £6 Million a Year to Islamic Charities Working to ‘Damage our Society’

Around £6 million of taxpayers’ money is being handed each year to Islamic charities with extremist tendencies, “whose only goal is to damage our society” in some cases, a report has found.
The report, by The Henry Jackson Society, accuses some taxpayer-supported …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage

UK think tank cites Zakir Naik over extremists’ abuse of charities

A new report by a London-based think tank on Islamist extremists exploiting charities and NGOs for funds and support for terrorism mentions Indian preacher Zakir Naik, who was banned from Britain in 2010 but remains the chair of a UK-based organisation.
The …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage

Charities used by extremists who promote violence or hatred received £6million in tax relief, report claims

CHARITIES used by extremists who promote violence or hatred received £6million in tax relief last year, a bombshell report reveals.
The cash write-off could be spent on producing radical material and events or pay for travel to conflict zones.
Islamist extremists are …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage

£6m a year gift aid for Islamic charities linked to extremist speakers

Islamic charities vulnerable to extremists receive £6 million a year from taxpayers in gift aid, according to a new report.
The charities are accused of promoting hardline speakers by giving them platforms, spreading their literature, providing them with credibility and enabling …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage
February 23, 2018

Exclusive Interview: The Henry Jackson Society’s Richard Black Talks About His Report Regarding Islamic Extremism On University Campuses

On February 1, the Henry Jackson Society (HJS), a U.K. think tank, released a report titled, “Tolerating the Intolerant: A Report on ‘Students not Suspects.’”
As the title suggests, the report focuses on a movement known as “Students Not Suspects” (SNS), …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage
February 14, 2018

IS puts women on front line for first time, propaganda video shows

Female members of the Islamic State group (IS) are fighting on the front line, a propaganda video has shown,  signs that the group is becoming ‘desperate’ to bolster its declining ranks.

In a new propaganda video released by IS, more than five armed …

Posted in ISIS, News Coverage

Hundreds of young Turkish children jailed alongside their moms as part of a post-coup crackdown

It was a snowy January morning in Istanbul last year when Ayse, a 32-year-old primary school teacher and mother of two, kissed the kids goodbye at school and headed home.
She didn’t make it to her front door before she was …

Posted in News Coverage, Turkey
February 13, 2018

Britain must back region’s fight against extremists, think tank reports

Greater cooperation with Gulf countries to counter violent extremism and tackle radicalisation of Muslims would improve British security one year on from a spate of mass casualty terrorist attacks, the Henry Jackson Society think tank says in a new report.
“Western countries …

Posted in Middle East, News Coverage, Terrorism & Security
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