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Category Archives: News Coverage

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February 14, 2018

IS puts women on front line for first time, propaganda video shows

Female members of the Islamic State group (IS) are fighting on the front line, a propaganda video has shown,  signs that the group is becoming ‘desperate’ to bolster its declining ranks.

In a new propaganda video released by IS, more than five armed …

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Hundreds of young Turkish children jailed alongside their moms as part of a post-coup crackdown

It was a snowy January morning in Istanbul last year when Ayse, a 32-year-old primary school teacher and mother of two, kissed the kids goodbye at school and headed home.
She didn’t make it to her front door before she was …

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February 13, 2018

Britain must back region’s fight against extremists, think tank reports

Greater cooperation with Gulf countries to counter violent extremism and tackle radicalisation of Muslims would improve British security one year on from a spate of mass casualty terrorist attacks, the Henry Jackson Society think tank says in a new report.
“Western countries …

Posted in Middle East, News Coverage, Terrorism & Security

Britain urged to boost anti-terror ties with Gulf

LONDON: The British government can help tackle the root causes of extremism by strengthening its ties with civil society groups throughout the Gulf region, a London-based think-tank has said.
A report due to be published Tuesday by the Henry Jackson Society …

Posted in Middle East, News Coverage, Terrorism & Security
February 12, 2018

We’ll stand up for schools that ban hijabs and fasting, pledges minister

Schools that try to ban hijabs or fasting will receive government support if they face a backlash, a minister has pledged.
Lord Agnew of Oulton, the schools minister, says that he will help head teachers to make difficult and “sensitive” decisions …

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February 8, 2018

Isis propaganda video shows women fighting for first time amid ‘desperation’ to bolster ranks

Female Isis members have been filmed fighting on the frontline for the first time as the group becomes “desperate” to bolster its dwindling ranks.
A new propaganda video showed at least five women armed with guns being driven to battle in a truck …

Posted in ISIS, News Coverage, Technology
February 5, 2018

Students’ Union Campaign ‘Has Become Vehicle for Extremist Interests’, Warns Think Tank

A National Union for Students (NUS) campaign to abolish the government’s anti-extremism programme has become a “vehicle” for Islamic extremist interests, according to a leading think tank.
Students Not Suspects, which became an NUS official policy in 2015, has hosted extremist speakers …

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Head teacher who resurrected a failing school now fears for her life after banning hijab and enraging fundamentalists

IN the poverty-stricken East London borough of Newham, St Stephen’s Primary School is a beacon of hope.
In just two years it jumped from No148 in the primary school rankings to being named state school of the year.
Not bad for an …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage
February 2, 2018

Terror watchdog Max Hill QC branded a ‘politically-correct snowflake’ for saying the term ‘Islamist terrorism’ should be banned

TERROR watchdog Max Hill QC was branded a “politically-correct snowflake” last night – for saying the term “Islamist terrorism” should be banned.
Mr Hill, who is being paid £1,200 a day to review Britain’s terror laws, said it is “fundamentally wrong …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage, Terrorism & Security

Babies of foreign fighters DNA-tested on return to UK

Babies born in ISIL-controlled territory are being DNA-tested to confirm their nationality when they return from Syria with defeated UK extremists, a senior counter-terrorist officer said on Thursday.
Tests were carried out on fewer than five “stateless” babies – normally before …

Posted in News Coverage, United Kingdom
February 1, 2018

All Carrot, No Stick: the EU’s Schengen criteria is encouraging the wrong kind of crackdown

On 1st January 2018, Bulgaria assumed the presidency of the European Council, a post it will hold until 30th June this year. Over the same period in 2019, the post will be held by Romania. That these two countries are …

Posted in European Union, News Coverage

National Union of Students’ campaign has become a ‘vehicle for extremist interests’, report warns

A National Union of Students’ (NUS) campaign has become a “vehicle for extremist interests”, a report has warned.
The “Students not Suspects” campaign, which has been part of NUS policy since 2015, encourages universities to rally against the Government’s flagship counter-radicalisation …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage

TERROR CHIEF SLAMMED Britain’s terror watchdog slammed for consulting extremist Islamist groups

BRITAIN’S terror watchdog has been slammed for consulting extremist Islamist groups.
Lawyer Max Hill was accused of “pandering” to them and being unbalanced.
The independent reviewer of terror laws met groups including campaign group Cage, which called ISIS executioner Jihadi John a “beautiful man” driven to fanaticism …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage, Terrorism & Security
January 29, 2018

Controversial Muslim campaigner vows to fight hidden extremism in UK

A prominent Muslim campaigner has vowed to investigate the hidden threats from extremism in modern Britain following her controversial appointment to a key government post established after a series of deadly terrorist attacks during 2017.
Sara Khan was named by the …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage
January 24, 2018

Amid Ongoing Parliamentary Campus Free Speech Probe, UK Jewish Community Highlights Challenges Faced by University Students

Leading communal representatives and advocates in the United Kingdom are drawing attention to difficulties faced by Jewish students on campus — particularly surrounding the subject of Israel — amid an ongoing parliamentary probe into free speech regulations at universities.

“Hundreds of …

Posted in News Coverage
January 22, 2018

David Davies: Now that we’re leaving the EU, we must also quit the European Arrest Warrant

David Davies is Chair of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee, and is MP for Monmouth.
A nation which has no control over who crosses its borders is not a free nation in any sense of the word. Many, perhaps most, of …

Posted in European Union, News Coverage, United Kingdom

Syrian war reaches Britain as volunteers, not soldiers, die fighting ISIL

Between 2007 and 2011 the small British town of Wootton Bassett came to a halt as the bodies of soldiers killed in Afghanistan passed through on the way home to their families. Several times a month church bells rang out, …

Posted in News Coverage, Syria

How Trump changed the world in one year

In his first year as president, Donald Trump has torn at a thread running through international affairs for 75 years — the idea of the United States as a predictable bastion of global stability and champion of Western values.
Trump, with …

Posted in News Coverage, United States
January 19, 2018

ISIS is building a new “caliphate” in northwestern Syria

The reality is different. ISIS terrorists are on the rise in north-western Syria. But how could this happen?
In October and November, troops of the Syrian regime advanced against the terrorist militia in the east of the country. Many expected a month-long battle for …

Posted in News Coverage, Syria
January 18, 2018

China finding it tough to pick up bargains in US ‘mega-mall’

When it comes to buying binges, China has scoured the world for investment opportunities. But one “mega-mall” with an array of high-tech goodies on offer has been gradually closed to the country’s unwanted advances.
Emblazoned across its entrance is The United …

Posted in China, News Coverage
January 15, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn BELITTLES the US as not most important ally – backing EU and China for trade

JEREMY Corbyn belittled the “special relationship” between the US and UK and hinted that if he was elected Prime Minister it would not be more important than the EU and China after he claimed the superpower is not our most …

Posted in News Coverage, United Kingdom

West Midlands police: terrorism duties left no bobbies on beat

West Midlands police suspended neighbourhood policing for a month last year as the force struggled to cope with the heightened risk from terrorism, according to its police and crime commissioner.
In an interview with The Sunday Times, David Jamieson said there …

Posted in News Coverage, United Kingdom

Iran-backed Iraqi militias pose ‘serious’ threat to US

London- When the Islamic State (ISIS) surged across Iraq in 2014, the Iraqi state and its army buckled. Iraqi forces retreated in disorder. Soldiers were killed outright; many were captured and subsequently executed. This presaged a national crisis.
Shia cleric Ayatollah …

Posted in Iran, Iraq, News Coverage

Donald Trump’s UK refusal is an ‘OWN GOAL’ for Theresa May who ‘needs him for Brexit’

Dr Alan Mendoza from the Henry Jackson Society claimed that the decision from Mr Trump will “worsen” the UK’s position “in relation to others”.
He said: “It is an own goal for the UK if the threat of mass protests has …

Posted in News Coverage
January 12, 2018

Assad trains crosshairs on Syria’s Idlib province

The Syrian regime is conducting a major military offensive against the northwest province of Idlib – which is primarily under the control of the al-Qaeda offshoot Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), formerly known as the Nusra Front.
The offensive comes as the regime …

Posted in News Coverage, Syria
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