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Category Archives: News Coverage

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December 4, 2017

Beware Prime Minister, the Conservative Party will not tolerate further defence cuts

Those with long memories will recall the Prime Minister, during her campaign to become Tory leader in 2016, promising that “a Conservative government I lead will make a strong defence an important priority”.
Well, it depends what you mean by “a …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage
November 30, 2017

Qatar’s links to global terror groups remain deep, new report finds

Qatar’s financial and intelligence links to global terror groups and Islamist extremists remain deep and continuing, according to a landmark report by the British think tank the Henry Jackson Society (HJS).
In a new publication it recommends a four-point plan of action …

Posted in News Coverage, Qatar

New international report reveals Qatar ties with terrorism still deep

Qatar’s ties with terrorism are continuing, according to a report by the British think tank the Henry Jackson Society.
The group suggests a four-point plan of action to the British government in order to push to Qatar to change its behavior.
The new …

Posted in News Coverage, Qatar

Report argues Britain must ‘invest more in the tools required’ to remain a global power

A new policy paper finds that in order for Britain to maintain a position as a global power; it must invest more in the tools that ensure it can ‘protect itself and prevent conflict’.
The report by the Henry Jackson Society …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom

Post-Brexit Britain MUST boost defence spending to counter new threats, think tank warns

Unveiling its vision for the future of national security in a comprehensive report this week, the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) urged the UK to commit more cash to its military in order to cement its future as a world player …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom
November 29, 2017

Can Abadi reel in the Hashd al-Shaabi before May elections?

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said that leaders of the paramilitaries that make up the Shiite-majority Hashd al-Shaabi will not be allowed participate in the May elections unless they disband, indicating that he intends to exert complete state control …

Posted in Iraq, News Coverage

Brexit Britain looks to China

Chinese schoolchildren of a certain age will be familiar with Luo Bao Bei. She’s a cartoon character, a “spirited, fun-loving seven-year-old” who “explores everyday life with her friends, family and animal companions, having adventures.”
But what millions of the cartoon’s school-age …

Posted in China, News Coverage
November 28, 2017

The new normal? Oxford Street, fear and false alarms

London’s Oxford Street was the scene of a false alarm on Friday that saw residents fleeing a supposed terrorist attack. The incident was quickly resolved, yet the panic that erupted is a reminder of terrorism’s lasting psychological impact.
Officers responded on …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, News Coverage, Terrorism & Security

Theresa May MUST increase military spending or face ‘darkest days since the Cold War’

A Henry Jackson Society report, seen by, ordered the Government to dig deeper into public funds to preserve a strong British military.
Author and founding member James Rogers said: “For many years now – the UK has allocated a progressively …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom

Post-Brexit Britain must spend 3% of GDP on its military to counter global threats says think tank

With infighting raging within the Tory party over proposed cuts to the British military, a report by a leading think tank says that the UK must increase its spending on defence to 3% of GDP to counter rising global threats.
The policy …

Posted in Defence, News Coverage, United Kingdom
November 21, 2017

Reaching its limits in Syria, what is the next move for the SDF?

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian regime have captured the strategic eastern city of Deir Ezzor from Daesh. Not only does this signify the loss of Daesh’s final urban stronghold in Syria, it also means that the SDF …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, News Coverage, Syria

Syria opposition in Riyadh aims to form united front

Baghdad, Iraq – Syria peace talks have become a parallel saga to the suffering and violence that continues in the country, where 6.3 million people remain internally displaced, and more than 470,000 have lost their lives in more than seven years of fighting.
The issues surrounding …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, News Coverage, Syria
November 17, 2017

Did they or didn’t they? The battle for control of Brussels’ Grand Mosque

It’s hard to prove beyond doubt a direct causal link between militancy and Saudi-inspired ultra-conservative forms of Sunni Muslim Islam. That hasn’t stopped the Belgium’s parliament from attempting to wrest control from Saudi Arabia of Brussel’s downtown Grand Mosque after three years …

Posted in News Coverage
November 14, 2017

Diplomatic initiative revived to counter China’s growing influence

Alongside the gladhanding, strutting and tweets from world leaders at two Asian summits over the past few days, one of the most important geopolitical developments came from a low-key meeting between civil servants from four countries.
Officials from the US, Japan, …

Posted in China, News Coverage

Analysis: Why Europe’s post-Brexit defence club will be more paper tiger than EU army

Some 23 EU member states, led by France and Germany, have signed up to an ambitious EU-wide defence co-operation plan which they hope will create a European defence identity after Brexit.
But what is this new defence union in reality? Is it the …

Posted in European Union, News Coverage, United Kingdom
November 9, 2017

Mend is a cause for alarm — here’s why

Senior figures who want to “batter” pro-Israel voices in politics; volunteers who promote antisemitic conspiracy theories; activists who compare the plight of Palestinians to the treatment of Jews by the Nazis in the Holocaust.
Throw into the mix prominent MPs, the …

Posted in Extremism, News Coverage

Hundreds of Jewish Students Protest Upcoming University College London Event With Hamas Supporter, Antisemitic Speaker

Hundreds of Jewish students and campus leaders have voiced their objections to an upcoming event at University College London (UCL) with two controversial speakers — one with a history of making antisemitic remarks and another with ties to the Palestinian terrorist …

Posted in News Coverage
November 3, 2017

Controversial ‘Islamist plot’ meeting set to go ahead in UK despite ban calls

A controversial event featuring an official banned from British schools for promoting hardline Islamist teaching was set to go ahead on Friday despite calls for a boycott following allegations of extremism against the organisers.
The meeting featured school director Tahir Alam, …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Extremism, News Coverage

Jeremy Corbyn slammed over appearance at event hosted by ‘hardline Muslim group’

Jeremy Corbyn is facing criticism for attending an event organised by a so-called hardline Muslim group previously accused of anti-semitism.
A number of Labour MPs attended the event held by the Muslim Engagement and Development group (Mend) to mark the start of Islamophobia Awareness …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Extremism, News Coverage

Cosying up to extremists: Corbyn is speaker at hardline Islamic meeting – just 24 hours before he snubs invitation to honour the birth of Israel

Jeremy Corbyn was accused of cosying up to extremists last night after attending an event held by a hardline Muslim group accused of anti-Semitism.
The Labour leader spoke at a Commons meeting staged by an organisation that attacks Israeli ‘Zionists’ on social …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Extremism, News Coverage

Corbyn attends event held by Muslim ‘extremist’ group Mend

Jeremy Corbyn risks refuelling Labour’s antisemitism row after he attended an event run by a Muslim group that has been accused of extremism, while snubbing a dinner celebrating the centenary of the Balfour Declaration.
The Labour leader attended the event in …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Extremism, News Coverage
November 2, 2017

Corbyn and Labour MPs Launch ‘Islamophobia Month’ with ‘Extremist’ Mend Group

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and a number of his MPs attended the launch of “Islamophobia awareness month” with the group Mend, which according to a new report promotes “extremist views”, harbours anti-Semites, and gives a platform to Islamist views.
Just days …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Extremism, News Coverage

Muslim advocacy group accused of promoting Islamism

A Muslim advocacy group which works closely with police forces, politicians and councils has been accused of promoting Islamist views.
Mend (Muslim Engagement and Development) was described as a group of “Islamists masquerading as civil libertarians” in a report from the Henry …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Extremism, News Coverage

Corbyn Slammed for Going to Muslim Group’s Event

Jeremy Corbyn has been slammed for attending an event thrown by a Muslim group criticised by a leading foreign policy think-tank.
The Labour leader reportedly attended an event thrown by the Muslim Engagement and Development Group (Mend) in Parliament on Wednesday.
It …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Extremism, News Coverage

Jeremy Corbyn speaks at event hosted by extremist Muslim group which is accused of anti-semitism

JEREMY CORBYN last night spoke at an event hosted by an extremist group which has been repeatedly accused of anti-semitism.
The Labour leader joined several of his MPs at a meeting in Parliament organised by Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend), whose …

Posted in CRT News Coverage, Extremism, News Coverage
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