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Category Archives: Opinion Editorial

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April 23, 2018

The New Great Game in the Indo-Pacific

This past March saw a mini-crisis develop in the Indian Ocean and it all revolved around the tiny island nation of Maldives. The crisis began in earnest after Maldivian President Yameen Abdul Gayoom declared a state of emergency after rejecting a Supreme …

Posted in Asia, Opinion Editorial
April 19, 2018

Can Donald Trump do a deal with Kim Jong-un without selling out a key regional ally?

The outlines of a Trump Doctrine are beginning to emerge. It is mercurial, flexible, and tactically volatile, but to paraphrase Polonius there is method to the madness.
The question is: can Trump give Kim Jong-un what he needs to make the …

Posted in North Korea, Opinion Editorial
March 29, 2018

Against all odds, is Trump about to solve the North Korea nuclear crisis?

The arrival in Beijing of a long, armoured North Korean train was as mysterious as it was sudden. Who could it be? Kim Jong-un hadn’t publicly left his country since he became leader in 2011, fearful perhaps of a military …

Posted in North Korea, Opinion Editorial
March 13, 2018

The end of Rex Tillerson’s miserable tenure as secretary of state is good news for Trumpian diplomacy

Reflecting on his time as Secretary of State, James Baker once remarked that “you cannot be successful unless you have a president who will support you, protect you, and defend you, both internationally and domestically”. Rex Tillerson never obtained that level of …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, United States

How Russia Today divided Westminster

For a television channel whose weekly reach is less than that of ITVBe +1, the profile of RT (formerly Russia Today) in the UK is conspicuously high.
The £310,000 it spent on an advertising campaign on London’s transport network – posters …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Russia
March 12, 2018

There is a slim but real chance of peace in Korea – as long as the US doesn’t concede too much

Happy day: the news that President Trump has agreed to a summit with North Korea’s Kim Jung-un sometime in May at last raises the possibility of de-escalating the long-simmering crisis. But before we start cracking out the bubbly and nominating for …

Posted in North Korea, Opinion Editorial
March 9, 2018

Crown prince’s approach to women’s rights is eye-catching and long overdue

In the end, it was the battle of the billboards.
Campaign posters both positive and negative displayed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sporting a smile. To be honest, both sides’ views struck me as equally questionable.
But if the avowedly modern personality …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Saudi Arabia

The myth of Chinese containment

The great debate on the meaning of China’s rise is coming to a close. Where academics once argued over whether the Asian power would be a status quo or systemic challenger, there is growing consensus that China intends to reshape …

Posted in China, Opinion Editorial

How should Britain respond to the poisoning of Sergei Skripal?

It seems to have happened again. While Downing Street has stressed that this is still an ongoing investigation, it’s increasingly clear that the government believes a former Russian spy living in the UK has been poisoned in a Russian state-sponsored …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Russia
March 6, 2018

Netanyahu reaps the benefits of treating Trump with respect, rather than contempt

Not many world leaders can claim to be on friendly personal terms with Donald Trump. There are fewer still who would regard a visit to this particular president’s White House as a crowning achievement, and one which would increase their …

Posted in Israel, Opinion Editorial, United States
March 1, 2018

Think twice before protesting the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s visit. He’s the ally Britain needs

My father – a Bedouin – was born in a tent.
He went on to have a successful army career, reaching a high rank.
My mother – who never attended formal school – married him at 16. Together they raised 13 sons …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Saudi Arabia
February 26, 2018

Charities must not harbour those who would subvert our democracy

It has been an exhausting couple of weeks for the charitable sector, with a seemingly endless wellspring of Oxfam scandals, the resignation of Unicef’s chief executive and the rollercoaster of Tina Stowell’s appointment as the new chair of the Charity …

Posted in Extremism, Opinion Editorial
February 22, 2018

Britain needs its own Magnitsky rule

Many politicians in Westminster think there is little the UK can do by itself to deter Russia’s aggression. From Ukraine to Syria and from conventional warfare to cyber warfare, the thinking goes, an effective response to the challenges Russia poses …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Russia
February 16, 2018

Is the UK up to the challenges of this volatile age?

Over the past year, Britain’s security and defence policy has been thrust into the limelight. On the one hand, the British government is keen to show its European allies that – irrespective of withdrawal from the EU – the UK will …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, United Kingdom
February 14, 2018

Why Britain needs to forge closer ties with the GCC

The recent capture by US-led Kurdish forces of Alexander Kotey and El Shafee el-Sheikh, the two remaining British members of the so-called ‘Beatles’ group of ISIS militants, is a further welcome sign of the dissipation of the ISIS death cult …

Posted in Middle East, Opinion Editorial
February 6, 2018

The NUS campaign that undermines the fight against extremism

Student politics has always been a site of radical dissent. In theory, there is nothing wrong with this. It is perfectly legitimate to question the wisdom of conventional beliefs or government policy. However, a line must be drawn.
In recent years, …

Posted in Extremism, Opinion Editorial
February 5, 2018

Japan is Back on the World Stage

Just over a month after the foreign and defence ministers of Britain and Japan stood side-by-side in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich in December 2017, Japan’s foreign minister, Taro Kano, and defence minister, Itsunori Onodera, were standing with their …

Posted in Japan, Opinion Editorial

China is tightening its high-tech tyranny. Theresa May should not be rushing to please it

From all the stops on the Prime Minister’s three-day trip to China this week, the one which carried furthest was simple: drinking tea with its president, Xi Jinping, in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing.
The image of Xi dressed urbanely in …

Posted in China, Opinion Editorial
January 29, 2018

To combat extremism, we must first understand it

By Nikita Malik
The recent appointment of Sara Khan to head the new commission for countering extremism has led to a fair share of debate. Where however, there is consensus, is that the task ahead will be a difficult one. Much …

Posted in Extremism, Opinion Editorial
January 26, 2018

Why Counter-Extremism Commissioner Sara Khan is perfect to fight hatred… wherever it comes from

By Nikita Malik
IT should come as no surprise the appointment of Sara Khan, a human rights campaigner, as the Counter-Extremism Commissioner has caused a stir among sections of the Muslim community and beyond.
As my colleague Dr Alan Mendoza said yesterday: …

Posted in Extremism, Opinion Editorial
January 22, 2018

Britain can be a power in Asia

Recently the Lowy Institute’s Aaron Connelly argued that there is not much Britain can do in Asia because British power is diminishing. This is unsurprising.
One of the biggest challenges in international relations is ascertaining a given state’s place in the international system. …

Posted in Asia, Opinion Editorial, United Kingdom

Turkish operation in Afrin could result in calamity for Ankara

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, threatened on Jan. 13 to begin a military operation “in about a week ” to evict Kurdish militants from Afrin in northwestern Syria. Erdoğan has repeatedly threatened to “cleanse ” Afrin of the fighters over the last …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Turkey
January 19, 2018

The US and UK have been subsidising Europe’s security for years

The European Union likes to think of itself as an innovation in international affairs, an attempt by its members to live peacefully with one another, as well as with outside states. It is an attempt to transcend geopolitics. As the …

Posted in Global Britain Editorial, Opinion Editorial
January 12, 2018

UK-Japan Cooperation in Preserving the Liberal Order

While much has been written on the apparent diminishment of the liberal global order, and on the rise of Chinese and Russian revisionism in Ukraine and the South China Sea, comparatively little has been written about how liberal democracies around …

Posted in Japan, Opinion Editorial
January 3, 2018

From Evropa to Gayropa: A Critical Geopolitics of the European Union as Seen from Russia

The role of geopolitics in European Union (EU) foreign policy has been the focus of much media, political, and scholarly commentary. This literature has interrogated the topic from a number of perspectives, critically exploring, for example, the construction and embodiment …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Russia
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