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Ola Cichowlas

Ola Cichowlas is a British-Polish journalist writing about Russia and Eastern Europe. A French-educated Londoner, she received a Scottish MA from Edinburgh University in History and Russia Studies. Ola has extensive experience in living and working in Russia, having lived in the Ural city of Perm. She recently returned from Ukraine and speaks English, French, Polish and Russian.
June 2, 2014

Sikorski Is No Savior

Originally published in Foreign Policy
‘The Polish success story has become something of a fantasy among Western European liberals who are now arguing that Poland can be a catalyst for reform in Eastern Europe and that the happy outcome of the Polish …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Poland, Spotlight
May 22, 2014

It’s not just Nigel Farage who overlooks the threat from Russia. Whole European elites are at it too.

Originally published in The Independent

‘Russia is tearing Ukraine apart – it has snatched Crimea and continues to destabilize the eastern region around Donetsk. Ukrainian blood has been spilt and Europe finds itself under dark clouds from the East once again. …

Posted in Europe, Opinion Editorial, Russia, Spotlight
May 20, 2014

Vladimir the Great: The birth of the Putin dictatorship

Originally published in Politico Magazine
‘It was not supposed to happen this way. At the end of 1991, Russia was supposed to have thrown off its totalitarian imperialist cloak and joined the happy parade of former communist countries that were embracing …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Russia, Spotlight
May 5, 2014

How Putin Manipulates Russians Using Revisionist History

Originally published in Forbes
“Vladimir Putin has already redrawn the map of Europe. After the annexation of Crimea, no country sharing a border with Russia can feel entirely secure. In expanding territorially, the Kremlin believes it is rectifying past mistakes. With …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Russia, Spotlight
April 25, 2014

The Kremlin’s Faux ‘Freedom Fighters’

Originally published in Foreign Policy
‘Since the current crisis began in eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied that Moscow has a hand in events there. The Kremlin strives to portray the actions of pro-Russian insurgents as a purely …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, RSC Editorial, Russia, Spotlight, Ukraine
March 26, 2014

Event Summary: “The Military Dimension of Russia’s Policy toward Ukraine: Should the West Be Worried?”

This is a summary of an event with Dr. Mark Galeotti, Clinical Professor of Global Affairs at New York University’s SCPS Centre for Global Affairs, on 26th March; it reflects the views of the speaker, not those of the Henry …

Posted in Event Summaries, Opinion Editorial, RSC Event Summaries, Russia, Spotlight

Event Transcript: ‘The Military Dimension of Russia’s Policy toward Ukraine: Should the West Be Worried?’

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Posted in Event Transcript, Russia