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George Grant

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George Grant

George Grant was a non-resident Associate Fellow at The Henry Jackson Society. Between 2009-2012 George was a full-time Research Fellow at HJS, before moving to Libya to become Deputy Editor of the Libya Herald, the first post-Gaddafi English-language daily, and Libya Correspondent for The Times. He returned to the UK at the start of 2013 owing to an abduction threat received following an investigation he was conducting into a death list in Benghazi. His most recent report, In Scotland's Defence? An Assessment of SNP Defence Strategy, provides a comprehensive analysis of the Scottish National Party's proposals for how they would defend an independent Scotland. A frequent contributor to mainstream newspapers and broadcasters, including the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, Al Jazeera and the BBC, George has also given briefings and evidence to Parliamentary Select Committees, UK Government departments and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the fields of foreign policy, strategy and defence. George holds Masters degrees in History from the University of Edinburgh and Investigative Journalism from City University, London. He is a keen squash player and runner, and an active member of his local Church in Wimbledon.

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June 28, 2012

“Yvonne Fletcher saved my life”

“She can’t have been more than six feet away; standing directly between me and the embassy, and she had a big smile on her face. I remember that smile very well.”Recalling the final moments of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, Dr Adel Almansouri puts …

Posted in Africa, Democracy & Development, Libya

Defence Minister Juwaili launches scathing attack on NTC

Defence Minister Osama Juwaili has strongly criticised the NTC for “failing to consult with anybody” when passing laws and restricting his role to “signing the plans of the chief of staff”, Yusef Mangoush.
The minister revealed his frustrations to the Libya Herald in …

Posted in Africa, Democracy & Development, Libya, News Coverage, Opinion Editorial
June 19, 2012

‘Incredible Optimism’ for Libya

The European Parliament’s standing rapporteur for Libya, Ana Gomes MEP, has spoken of her “incredible optimism” for the future of Libya, as the country heads towards its first nationwide democratic elections next month.
Gomes, who has been visiting Libya regularly since …

Posted in Africa, Content, Democracy & Development, Libya, Middle East, News Coverage
June 12, 2012

Detained ICC lawyer “will be free” if she divulges location of Saif right hand man

The NTC’s official spokesman has insisted that detained International Criminal Court (ICC) lawyer Melinda Taylor “will be free” if she divulges the location of Saif Qaddafi’s right-hand man, Mohammed Ismail.
In a remarkable exchange with ABC reporter Michael Vincent, Mohammed Harizi …

Posted in Libya, News Coverage, Spotlight
June 11, 2012

British ambassador escapes missile attack on car

The British Ambassador to Libya, Sir Dominic Asquith, narrowly escaped injury yesterday when his convoy was attacked with a rocket-propelled grenade and two of his bodyguards were wounded. The explosion triggered a gun battle.
Doctors were last night said to be …

Posted in Libya, News Coverage, Spotlight
June 6, 2012

Exclusive – New details emerge about Tripoli airport seizure as Libya Herald gains access to prisoners at Metiga airbase

Fresh details have emerged about Monday’s clashes at Tripoli airport between government forces and Tarhouna’s Al-Awfia brigade, as well as the events that preceded them on Sunday.
The airport was captured by members of the Al-Awfia brigade early on Monday afternoon, …

Posted in Libya, News Coverage
June 5, 2012

Gun battle as militia takes over airport after leader is ‘kidnapped’

Travellers fled in panic yesterday as a Libyan militia seized control of the capital’s international airport and surrounded aircraft in protest against the alleged kidnapping of their leader.
The al-Awfia brigade used armoured vehicles, heavy machine guns and a tank to …

Posted in Libya, News Coverage, Spotlight
June 2, 2012

ICC postpones Saif Al-Islam extradition request

The International Criminal Court has postponed its request that Libya hand over Saif Al-Islam for trial. The move will be widely seen as a significant step towards the court’s formally agreeing to the trial taking place inside Libya.
Saif is currently …

Posted in Libya, News Coverage
May 31, 2012

Just how serious is Derna’s “Islamist problem”?

You can get a good signal from 100.2 Malta XFM on the approach to Derna, and on clear nights, the lights of nearby Crete can be seen twinkling in the distance.
But if some recent reports are to be believed, the …

Posted in Libya

Ministry of Culture and Civil Society to regulate relationship between foreign and domestic NGOs

The Ministry of Culture and Civil Society is to enact a series of new rules designed to regulate the relationship between foreign and domestic Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Libya.
The regulations are due to take effect from 1 June 2012.
Once the …

Posted in Libya, News Coverage
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