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Douglas Murray

A bestselling author and award-winning political commentator, he previously founded the Centre for Social Cohesion, which monitors extremism in Britain. Murray is the author of numerous publications including, "Victims of Intimidation: Freedom of Speech within Europe's Muslim Communities". A columnist for Standpoint magazine, he writes for a variety of other publications, including the Spectator and Wall Street Journal. Murray is an expert on Islamist extremism and UK foreign policy. He recently published a book on the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday.

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May 21, 2015

Douglas Murray debates immigration policy on Sky News

Posted in Broadcast Appearances
May 20, 2015

Secularists need to prioritise their targets

Originally published in The Spectator
I was on the BBC on Sunday morning discussing the government’s new counter-extremism legislation. Unusually for a discussion on this area the debate seemed to me to be constructive and engaging.  Perhaps this is a reflection of …

Posted in Extremism, Opinion Editorial, Religious Fundamentalism
May 17, 2015

UK troops to smash migrants trade: Navy to stop flood of refugees from Libya

Originally published in The Express
Britain is poised to send 200 Royal Marines to the Mediterranean to lead a blockade aimed at “smashing” Libya’s people-trafficking gangs.
The move, which would see the UK spearhead a multinational operation off the coast of North …

Posted in European Union, Libya, Migration, News Coverage, United Kingdom

Douglas Murray discusses counter-extremism strategy and migrant quotas on BBC Big Questions

Posted in Broadcast Appearances
May 11, 2015

Douglas Murray discusses a migrant quota system on BBC Radio 4

Posted in Broadcast Appearances

Douglas Murray looks at history of values on BBC Start the Week

Posted in Broadcast Appearances
May 5, 2015

Douglas Murray discusses Islam and freedom of speech on BBC Three Counties

Posted in Broadcast Appearances
April 30, 2015

How Lampedusa copes when the migrant ships come in

Originally published in The Spectator
The young hang about in packs or speed around town, two to a scooter. Old women group together on benches around the town square in front of the church. The men continually greet each other as …

Posted in Libya, Opinion Editorial, Spotlight, Trans-Atlantic Relations
April 24, 2015

24 April: Douglas Murray discusses how rich countries should confront migration on BBC Newshour Extra

Posted in Broadcast Appearances, Human Rights, Libya, United Kingdom
April 23, 2015

The fall of Lutfur Rahman shows the power of brave campaigning journalism

Originally published in The Spectator
So farewell then Lutfur Rahman. On Thursday the Islamist-aligned Mayor of Tower Hamlets was found guilty of electoral fraud. The poll in which he was ‘elected’ has been declared void and he has now been barred from …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Islamism, Media, Opinion Editorial, Spotlight, United Kingdom
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