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Douglas Murray

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Douglas Murray

A bestselling author and award-winning political commentator, he previously founded the Centre for Social Cohesion, which monitors extremism in Britain. Murray is the author of numerous publications including, "Victims of Intimidation: Freedom of Speech within Europe's Muslim Communities". A columnist for Standpoint magazine, he writes for a variety of other publications, including the Spectator and Wall Street Journal. Murray is an expert on Islamist extremism and UK foreign policy. He recently published a book on the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday.

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November 16, 2015

The Paris attacks show that barbarians are inside the gate

Originally published in The Spectator
A wave of terror attacks has rocked Paris tonight with a restaurant, a stadium and a concert hall amongst the targets. Gunmen fired into Bataclan concert hall shouting “Allahu akbar,” according to France24, and then proceeded …

Posted in Extremism, ISIS, Islamism, Opinion Editorial, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism & Security

Drones get the job done, as Jihadi John may have just discovered

Originally published in The Spectator
Excellent news, if it is confirmed, that Mohammed Emwazi – aka ‘Jihadi John’ – has discovered the hard way that seventy-two virgins have not been waiting around for him on a cloud.
It is more than a …

Posted in Defence, ISIS, Islamism, Middle East, Opinion Editorial, Terrorism & Security
November 11, 2015

Why is the BBC letting the Islamic Human Rights Commission set the agenda?

This article was originally published in the Spectator
The farcically named ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission’ has featured here many times before. The last time was earlier this year when this Khomeinist group decided to award their ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ award …

Posted in Extremism, Human Rights, Islamism, Opinion Editorial, Religious Fundamentalism
November 5, 2015

‘European Values’ Wont Last Long Without National Borders

Originally published in Spectator Blogs
Fascinating events in Hungary where Prime Minister Viktor Orban continues to come under fire from other EU member states for trying to maintain what we used to call ‘borders’.
This has now led Orban into direct confrontation …

Posted in Europe, European Union, Opinion Editorial, United Kingdom
November 2, 2015

Shaker Aamer, Guantanamo and the questions that won’t be asked

Originally published in Spectator Blogs
A nation rejoices! After a campaign waged from the political right and left, the UK can now finally welcome back Shaker Aamer. This is the man generally described as ‘the last British resident’ in Guantanamo. As …

Posted in Extremism, Islamism, Opinion Editorial, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism & Security

How can multiculturalism both cause and cure racism?

Originally published in Spectator Blogs
In recent weeks there have been two prominent examples of what some people in Britain term ‘Islamophobia’. The first involved a woman on a London bus shouting to two identifiably Muslim women that they should ‘go …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Extremism, Global, Opinion Editorial

William Shawcross is right: Islamists are skilled at lawfare

Originally published in Spectator Blogs
Regular readers may recall the charming group ‘Cage’. This is the organisation which made headlines earlier this year when Mohammed Emwazi (aka ‘Jihadi John’) was outed as one of their associates. The response of ‘Cage’ was …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Extremism, Global, Islamism, Media, Opinion Editorial, Religious Fundamentalism
August 28, 2015

Mass immigration will destroy Britain if we don’t act now, blasts DOUGLAS MURRAY

Originally published in the Express
IT IS now four years since David Cameron promised to reduce immigration into the UK from the hundreds of thousands to “tens of thousands” a year.
“No ifs, no buts”, was what the Prime Minister said.  But …

Posted in Migration, Opinion Editorial
July 23, 2015

Je Suis Charlie? Even Charlie Hebdo has now surrendered to Islamic extremism

Originally published in the Spectator
Bad news from the continent. In an interview with the German weekly Stern, Laurent ‘Riss’ Sourisseau, the editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo, announced that he would no longer draw cartoons of any historical figure called Mohammed. This …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Religious Fundamentalism
July 20, 2015

David Cameron has given his best speech yet on tackling Islamic extremism

Originally published in The Spectator
The Prime Minister’s Birmingham speech on radicalisation and Muslim communities in the UK given earlier today is a rather important one. Regular readers will know that I’m not easy to please in this area, but it …

Posted in Opinion Editorial, Spotlight, Terrorism & Security, United Kingdom
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