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Douglas Murray

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Douglas Murray

A bestselling author and award-winning political commentator, he previously founded the Centre for Social Cohesion, which monitors extremism in Britain. Murray is the author of numerous publications including, "Victims of Intimidation: Freedom of Speech within Europe's Muslim Communities". A columnist for Standpoint magazine, he writes for a variety of other publications, including the Spectator and Wall Street Journal. Murray is an expert on Islamist extremism and UK foreign policy. He recently published a book on the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday.

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February 28, 2015

Jihadi John and his ilk have many friends in Britain

Originally published in The Express
IS BRITAIN finally waking up to the monsters we have been creating?
For a year we have known of a British Muslim – dubbed Jihadi John – who is IS’s star executioner. With his British accent to …

Posted in Extremism, Opinion Editorial, Spotlight, Terrorism & Security, United Kingdom
February 27, 2015

Cage deserves all the scrutiny the relevant authorities can muster

Originally published in The Spectator
So the identity of ‘Jihadi John’ appears to have come out.  And surprise surprise he is a man associated with the group Cage (formerly Cage Prisoners).  The leaders of this group – Asim Qureshi and Cerie …

Posted in Extremism, Opinion Editorial, Terrorism & Security, United Kingdom
February 23, 2015

Want to stop nice British girls going to Syria? Then show them the X-rated ‘Joy of Jihad’

Originally published in The Spectator
I’m with Rod on the wannabe jihadi brides going to Syria.  The whole official approach demonstrated by the BBC et al is just the same as the government-sponsored videos that crop up on YouTube urging people not to …

Posted in Human Rights, ISIS, Opinion Editorial, Syria, United Kingdom, Women's Rights
February 21, 2015

A survivor of the Copenhagen attack speaks: ‘If we should stop drawing cartoons, should we also stop having synagogues?’

Originally published in The Spectator
Two years ago the Danish writer Helle Brix helped found the Lars Vilks Committee. The group of media figures from left and right came together to support the Swedish artist who has been under constant threat …

Posted in Europe, Extremism, Opinion Editorial, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism & Security
February 16, 2015

Douglas Murray on Christian beheadings and the situation in Libya

Posted in Broadcast Appearances, Extremism, Human Rights, ISIS, Libya, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism & Security
February 15, 2015

How many more terror attacks until we have a serious discussion about offending religions?

Originally published in The Spectator
Another week and another completely random attack by a gunman hunting down cartoonists before inexplicably heading to the local synagogue. My guess is that events in Copenhagen yesterday have already been put down in many quarters …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Europe, Opinion Editorial, Terrorism & Security, United Kingdom, United States
February 11, 2015

The pen is only powerful when we defend it unconditionally

Originally published in The Spectator
It looks like this year’s Simon Hughes prize (awarded each year to the non-Muslim who does the weirdest impression of holding Islamic principle) must go to Lord Woolf.
In a speech yesterday at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies the …

Posted in Democracy & Development, Opinion Editorial, Terrorism & Security, United Kingdom
February 10, 2015

Assad is hoping Isis will make his regime look moderate. This is no accident

Originally published in The Spectator
Jeremy Bowen’s half-hour long interview with Bashar al-Assad is being heavily trailed by the BBC this morning.  And while it has little that is new it does provide an interesting insight into the Syrian President’s current situation.
The …

Posted in Extremism, Human Rights, Iraq, ISIS, Middle East, News Coverage, Syria, Terrorism & Security
February 9, 2015

Freedom of speech is a sacred British value (and those who disagree can hop it)

Originally published in The Spectator
In the aftermath of last month’s Paris atrocities there was a remarkable piece in one of Denmark’s leading papers signed by more than a dozen prominent Danish Muslims.  It said that France, like Denmark, is a …

Posted in Extremism, France, Human Rights, Islamism, Opinion Editorial, Religious Fundamentalism, United Kingdom
February 3, 2015

Why does the battle for gay rights stop at the borders of Islam?

Originally published in The Spectator
You can tell when a battle has been won.  Read the Pink News or any other gay news site and you will see that there are almost no stories left to report.  A politician in Northern …

Posted in Extremism, Global, Human Rights, Middle East, Opinion Editorial, Religious Fundamentalism
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