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Douglas Murray

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Douglas Murray

A bestselling author and award-winning political commentator, he previously founded the Centre for Social Cohesion, which monitors extremism in Britain. Murray is the author of numerous publications including, "Victims of Intimidation: Freedom of Speech within Europe's Muslim Communities". A columnist for Standpoint magazine, he writes for a variety of other publications, including the Spectator and Wall Street Journal. Murray is an expert on Islamist extremism and UK foreign policy. He recently published a book on the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday.

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April 1, 2014

A Tear in Our Culture

Originally published in Standpoint
“How do we mend the tear in our culture? On one side we have a growing number of atheists who refuse to acknowledge where they come from. On the other we see a small, but perhaps growing …

Posted in Editorial, France, Opinion Editorials
November 28, 2013

William Hague’s appeasement of Iran’s mullahs is a historic and terrible mistake

Published in The Spectator
Well, I wondered in this place last week if David Cameron knew what he was doing in relation to the Iran nuclear negotiations in Geneva. And now the answer is clearly, ‘no’.
America and Europe’s overwhelming desire to declare a …

Posted in Editorial, Opinion Editorials
October 9, 2013

Douglas Murray: Why all this country’s enemies will be grateful for the schoolboy vanity of the Guardian

The Daily Mail
Security services tend to downplay leaks. That is why this week’s blistering criticisms of leaks published in The Guardian by the new head of MI5 is so extraordinary.
Britain’s top spook, Andrew Parker, is not a man given to …

Posted in Article, Editorial, Opinion Editorials
May 28, 2013

The London Terror Attack Was More Than ‘Unforgivable’

How many ignored warnings does it take? That is one question that should hang over Britain after the horror of the daytime murder of a British soldier on the streets of south London. On Wednesday afternoon, Drummer Lee Rigby was …

Posted in Opinion Editorials
March 22, 2013

We Have the Newspapers We Deserve

I have just finished studying a diagram aimed at explaining Britain’s new press laws. After having a lie-down, one single line keeps running through my head. Oddly enough it isn’t “recognition appointments panels,” “regulatory appointments panels” or even “standards and …

Posted in Opinion Editorials
November 23, 2012

A Pyrrhic Cease-Fire

The Wall Street Journal, November 22nd 2012
The rest of the world called for a cease-fire. The rest of the world has now got a cease-fire. But when it comes to assisting peace in the Middle East, the rest of the …

Posted in Article, Israel, Israel/Palestine, Middle East, Middle East, Opinion Editorials, Palestine

Israel Under Siege

The Spectator, November 24th 2012
The dictators have fallen one by one. Several more look likely to fall soon, and few will miss them. But as popular revolutions approach their demise, something else has come along. In one country after another, …

Posted in Article, Islamism, Israel, Israel/Palestine, Middle East, Middle East, Opinion Editorials
October 26, 2012

Palestinian terrorists on the payroll

Originally published in The Wall Street Journal
Why do politicians always resign over the minor things, while getting away with the major ones? Swear at a policeman, for instance, and after a month of harrying from the media and your political …

Posted in Article, Israel, Israel/Palestine, Opinion Editorials, Palestine, Spotlight, Terrorism & Security, United Kingdom
October 8, 2012

It’s time to proscribe Hezbollah

Originally published in The Commentator
It is not surprising that bad people exist.  What is surprising is when we allow them to use us.
Among all of the issues which face our government today, the proscription of a foreign terrorist group may …

Posted in Article, Israel, Lebanon, Opinion Editorials
September 12, 2012

What ‘Hezbollah Political Wing’?

The world’s attitude toward Hezbollah finally appears to be shifting. As Daniel Schwammenthal noted in these pages last month, even after Israel implicated Hezbollah in the bombing of a bus full of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria in July, the EU …

Posted in Iran, Israel, Israel/Palestine, Middle East, Opinion Editorials, Spotlight, Terrorism & Security
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