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March 19, 2018

Brexit: the challenge for Italy

Henry Jackson Society

Date: 13:00 – 14:00, Monday 19th March 2018

Location: Committee Room 1, House of Lords,
Palace of Westminster, London, SW1A 0PW


Daniele Capezzone
Editor of Brexit: La Sfida,

Former MP in the Italian Parliament

Federico Punzi

Editor of Brexit: La Sfida
Italian journalist and Broadcaster

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In Europe, the British decision to leave the EU has received a bad press. In particular, the Italian mainstream media viewed withdrawal in a very negative light, with much of the reporting based on stereotypes and clichés: isolationism, anti-European attitudes and anti-immigration. However, a recent Italian book – Brexit: La Sfida – which assembles a collection of essays from the English-speaking world, tries to counter these narratives. Its objective is to advise the Italian political establishment of a simple fact: withdrawal was a pivotal event for Europe, which could trigger a deep change in the EU. It argues that Italy, instead of positioning itself against the British decision, should take the opportunity to reform a weakened EU, finding in the UK a crucial ally in the process.

By kind invitation of The Rt. Hon. The Lord Howell of Guildford PC, The Henry Jackson Society are delighted to welcome Daniele Capezzone, a former MP in the Italian Parliament, and Federico Punzi, an Italian journalist (the editors of Brexit: La Sfida) to share their thoughts on the British decision to leave the EU and Italy’s potential role in the future of the EU.

Daniele Capezzone

Daniele Capezzone was a member of the Italian Parliament between 2006 and 2018.  Capezzone is currently one of the Vice-presidents of the Acre. He has been chairman of the Finance Committee (2013-2015) and of the Industry Committee (2006-2007) at the Italian Chamber of Deputies. He is director of New Direction Italia, the Italian branch of the New Direction Foundation, and a member of the editorial board of the online magazine Atlantico. He has always been focused on two main points: a firm pro-Atlantic, pro-Nato, pro-West attitude in foreign policy; a clear free-market approach, giving support to tax-cuts and spending-cuts.

Federico Punzi

Federico Punzi is an Italian journalist and a broadcaster for “Radio Radicale. At “Radio Radicale“, Federico Punzi reports on parliamentary activities concerning the House of Deputies. Formally, Punzi was the Editor of the Velino Press Agency.  Federico is a regular contributor to a number of leading Italian magazines, including “Formiche”, “OFCS report”, “l’Intraprendente” and “L’Opinione”.