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February 22, 2018

Is Zimbabwe open for Freedom?

Henry Jackson Society

TIME:  17:00 – 18:00, Thursday 22nd February 2018

VENUE: Committee Room 6, House of Commons, London SW1A OPA


Pastor Evan Mawarire
Civil Rights Activist & Founder, #ThisFlag Citizen’s Movement

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The last few months in Zimbabwe have been extremely dramatic. Every Zimbabwean at home and abroad has been filled with optimism that finally the country will begin to turn itself around after the removal of Robert Mugabe as President. Yet, the world has watched with understandable pessimism at this “new era” that has been hailed by the latest government, which is after all comprised of figures from the previous regime. It was never a question that Zimbabwe needed to turn around economically after Mugabe failed to deliver on the reforms he wanted. But as Zimbabwe forges out a new future, human rights campaigner Pastor Evan Mawarire will ask whether Zimbabwe is open for political freedom as well.

By kind invitation of Kate Hoey MP, The Henry Jackson Society is delighted to invite you to an event with Pastor Evan Mawarire. As one of the driving forces for action on the protest frontline in 2017, he will speak from his experiences as a human rights defender about the changes that are needed to drive Zimbabwe forward as both an economic powerhouse and a truly free democratic and constitutional nation.

Pastor Evan Mawarire

Pastor Evan Mawarire is a Zimbabwean clergyman who founded the 2016 #ThisFlag citizen’s Movement that challenges corruption and injustice in Zimbabwe. His grassroots movement and use of social media prompted strikes and protests against the Zimbabwean government. In 2017 he was instrumental in the protest march that led to Robert Mugabe’s resignation as president of Zimbabwe. Pastor Mawarire has addressed audiences at The Atlantic Council, and the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway, Harvard Law School, the Elliot school of international affairs at George Washington University in the USA and university of Cape Town in South Africa. Foreign Policy magazine named him one of the 100 global thinkers of 2016. Evan has also been nominated for various awards including Index on censorship freedom of expression awards 2017.