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Opinion Editorial
February 16, 2018

Is the UK up to the challenges of this volatile age?

James Rogers

Over the past year, Britain’s security and defence policy has been thrust into the limelight. On the one hand, the British government is keen to show its European allies that – irrespective of withdrawal from the EU – the UK will remain deeply committed to European security, with the Prime Minister expected to underscore this fact at the Munich Security Conference tomorrow.

On the other hand, it has become increasingly apparent that the money allocated to the maintenance and development of the British Armed Forces is wholly inadequate for the tasks now confronting them.

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James Rogers

About James Rogers

James Rogers is a founding member of The Henry Jackson Society and the Director of our ‘Global Britain’ Programme. He holds expertise in British grand strategy, European geopolitics and Baltic security, as well as European influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

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