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January 26, 2018

Why Counter-Extremism Commissioner Sara Khan is perfect to fight hatred… wherever it comes from

Henry Jackson Society

By Nikita Malik

IT should come as no surprise the appointment of Sara Khan, a human rights campaigner, as the Counter-Extremism Commissioner has caused a stir among sections of the Muslim community and beyond.

As my colleague Dr Alan Mendoza said yesterday: “The horrified reaction of Islamist extremists, their enablers and fellow travellers demonstrates the Government has made a superb choice.”

The brickbats didn’t just come from the Islamists, but also those who recognise the problem of extremism and share a desire to stamp it out.

One of the critics who yesterday signalled their opposition to Khan’s backing of counter-terrorism strategy Prevent was Labour MP Naz Shah.

Shah, you will remember, is the MP who was suspended by her party in 2016 and had to apologise for posting anti-Semitic social media messages, hardly someone in a position to judge others’ approach to extremism.

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