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December 28, 2017

YouTube moderation is slammed yet again after investigation reveals the site takes down ‘less than half’ of dangerous hate content that is reported to it

Henry Jackson Society

YouTube takes down less than half hate content that gets reported, according to a shocking new report by a think tank.

The material that does get taken down – which includes Islamist extremist postings – is left for almost two weeks before being removed, researchers found.

One of the videos that YouTube refused to remove included a video of a man filmed slapping a Muslim teenager with bacon and calling him ‘ISIS scum’.

The report is the latest of many to expose inappropriate content being posted and promoted on the Google-owned site.

The three-month long experiment was run by the London-based Henry Jackson Society think tank and involved researchers reporting alarming material weekly, writes The Sun.

Only 47 out of 107 Islamist extremist postings that were reported were removed and for the ones that were it took on average 11 and a half days for them to be taken down.

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