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November 28, 2017

Post-Brexit Britain must spend 3% of GDP on its military to counter global threats says think tank

Henry Jackson Society

With infighting raging within the Tory party over proposed cuts to the British military, a report by a leading think tank says that the UK must increase its spending on defence to 3% of GDP to counter rising global threats.

The policy paper by the Henry Jackson Society is likely to be seized upon by MPs opposing unconfirmed reports that full-time army numbers could be cut from 78,000 to 70,000 and other savings totalling up to £20bn are being mooted by paring back numbers of Royal Marines, aircraft and amphibious assault ships.

The paper released on Tuesday (28 November) outlines how for the armed forces to get continuity in defence planning, the British government must increase military spending by 0.2% for each of the next five years to reach 3% of GDP in a policy which should be mandated through an Act of Parliament.

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