Event: Kleptocrats Without Borders: How Post-Soviet Ruling Elites Export Their Money and Power to the West


TIME:  13:00-14:00, 29th June 2017

VENUE: The Henry Jackson Society, 26th Floor
Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP


Ilya Zaslavskiy
Research Expert at the Free Russia Foundation,
Academy Associate, Chatham House

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Corruption is widespread in many post-Soviet countries, where successive ruling elites have plundered their countries’ wealth. Much of this wealth has found its way to the West, where these kleptocrats have used the services provided by capital cities and financial hubs to retain and launder their money. Yet, beyond high profile issues such as how London’s property market has become a piggy bank for the world’s corrupt elite, the tactics and techniques used by these ruling elites to export their kleptocracies to the West are little known.

The Henry Jackson Society is delighted to invite you to an event with Ilya Zaslavskiy, Research Expert at the Free Russia Foundation who will be presenting his “Underminers” project, which documents the kleptocratic practices of ruling elites from three post-soviet countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russia). He will answer questions like: What can the West do to combat kleptocrats, both in the West and in their home countries? How can the West help educate citizens in post-Soviet countries (and elsewhere) about their ruling elite, and in doing so promote promote transparency and accountability? Are the tactics and technique used by post-Soviet kleptocrats different to those used by kleptocrats elsewhere?

Ilya Zaslavskiy is a Research Expert at the Free Russia Foundation and an Academy Associate at Chatham House. He writes on Eurasian energy and kleptocracy for the Hudson Institute, Martens Centre, and other US and EU think tanks. Previously Ilya was senior visiting fellow for the Legatum Institute and a Bosch fellow at Chatham House. He heads Free Speech, LLC, which is focussing on a project based on the export of corrosive practices from post-Soviet states to the West. Alongside his academic work, Ilya is a consultant for Western energy firms, providing analyses of regulatory risks in developing countries. From 2006 to 2010 he worked on gas issues at the Russo-British company TNK-BP.


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