Judy Asks: Is Britain Lost?


Carnegie Europe’s Judy Dempsey asked a panel of security policy experts, “Is Britain Lost?”

James Rogers, Director of the Global Britain Programme at the Henry Jackson Society, offered his thoughts:

“From my window at the top of Millbank Tower, with the awesome size and energy of London beneath me, Britain does not look very lost. Prime Minister Theresa May’s inability to gain a parliamentary majority in the June 8 election certainly gives ammunition to those who think the UK is in decline. Yet she gained more votes than any Conservative leader since 1983, and both the main parties—the Conservatives and Labour—are coming round to support a similar kind of Brexit. And let us not forget that 85 percent of votes cast went to parties that support leaving the EU, or that the separatists in Scotland were rolled back, reducing the chances of another referendum on Scottish independence. Unionism was the victor of the 2017 election.

Equally, let us remember that daily politics is not indicative of national well-being. The UK remains not only cohesive but also internationally influential, with a robust economy, a growing population, an expansive culture, and a strong military. Later in June, for example, the Royal Navy will begin trials with HMS Queen Elizabeth, an 80,000-ton behemoth—the most powerful aircraft carrier outside the U.S. Navy. Soon, this vessel will help protect Europe’s maritime communication lines as well as project British influence around the world.”

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Generated image of HMS Elizabeth by Defence Images

Generated image of HMS Elizabeth by Defence Images


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