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CRT Editorial
June 6, 2017

Why Trump’s wrong to obsess over terrorists’ nationality rather than developing a smart plan to defeat their ideology

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This article originally appeared in the New York Daily News.

By Nikita Malik.

As the most recent terrorist attacks unfolded in London, President Trump took to Twitter to express anger and frustration towards the resistance to the travel bans he has sought to institute since coming into office. Those bans target citizens of Muslim-majority countries.

Yet it is ideology — not nationality — that is driving terrorism. As the recent wave of terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom has shown, terrorist attacks are increasingly committed by homegrown extremists with little or no training abroad.

The identity of the three London Bridge attackers that have been revealed within the last 24 hours illustrates the complex nature of the problem. Khuram Butt, widely considered to have been the ringleader of the operation, is a British citizen of Pakistani origin. Rashid Radouane, a Moroccan-Libyan, had secured Irish citizenship. Youssef Zaghba, whose father is Moroccan, was present in the United Kingdom by virtue of his EU passport, something afforded to him by his mother’s Italian citizenship.

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