Event: ‘Trump’s Policy in Asia’


0d7aa80c-2ada-41fb-8a71-b41311543837TIME: 13:00 – 14:00, 19th April 2017

VENUE: Committee Room 12, House of Commons
Palace of Westminster, London,SW1A 0AA


Satu Limaye
Director, East-West Center, Washington, D.C.

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Over the past two decades, China has grown from an isolated communist state into a regional leader in the spheres of military, economic, and political power. For the United States, China’s rise has been both welcome and challenging, particularly in the maritime sphere, where the US has traditionally held sway. President Donald Trump is the first American President to come to office determined to reset the foundations of the bilateral relationship, many of which date to the US-China rapprochement. Do the first hundred days of his administration and first summit with President Xi provide evidence that a ‘reset’ is occurring and that fundamental assumptions in bilateral relations are being reformulated? And how would such a change impact U.S. relations with allies and partners? Has the 30-year China policy of the United States been successful? Or does it need updating?

By kind invitation of Bob Stewart MP, The Henry Jackson Society is delighted to invite you to an event with Satu Limaye, Director of the East-West Center in Washington. He will ask whether Trump’s blustery approach could destroy the relationship with a China that treasures ‘keeping face’ above all else? Or will he actually be more successful than previous administrations in adopting a hard-headed, transactional approach, eschewing the talk of values and principles? With North Korea closer than ever to weaponizing its nuclear arsenal, and a China apparently intent on establishing de facto control over the first island chain, will President Trump be the right person to lead the US through what promises to be a difficult and challenging time? With decades of policy experience in Washington and Hawaii, Satu Limaye will attempt to answer these questions, and the wider ones of what Trump’s vision for Asia might be.

Satu Limaye is Director of the East-West Center in Washington and a Founding Editor of the Asia-Pacific Bulletin Series. With a PhD in International Relations from Oxford University, Limaye has risen to expertise in the fields of Asia-Pacific politics and US-Asia defence and security policy. As a former research staffer with the Strategy and Resources Division at the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), he has liaised with and directly worked for the leadership of the US Pacific Command, the branch of the US Department of Defense that is responsible for the Asia-Pacific Region. His expert knowledge on US-Asia Pacific policy and his work with high-ranking members of the US military make Limaye uniquely well-placed to offer insight into the future of US policy in the region.


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