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Opinion Editorial
March 24, 2017

How we can spot potential terrorists like Khalid Masood before they strike

Rupert Sutton

This article originally appeared in The Telegraph

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s brutal attack on Westminster, the ‘low-tech’ methods Khalid Masood used to kill four innocent people have sparked a substantial debate about the difficulty of preventing such an incident.

The ease of hiring a car and obtaining a knife make it much more difficult for the police and security services to detect a potential plot. It is vital that those being drawn into planning such attacks are identified in other ways before they get close to going operational.


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Rupert Sutton

About Rupert Sutton

Rupert Sutton is a Researcher at Student Rights and the co-author of 'Challenging extremists: Practical frameworks for our universities'. He is originally from Maidstone and holds a BA in War Studies from the University of Kent, and an MA in Terrorism and Security from King’s College London where he wrote his thesis on Loyalist paramilitarism. He previously interned at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation as well as spending two years with the NHS.

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