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January 29, 2017

UK’s message for Putin: Britain to send most advanced warship in huge warning to Russia

Henry Jackson Society

Originally published in the Express.

Britain is to send its most advanced warship to the Black Sea in a “substantial and significant” show of force against Russia.

The plan will see Type-45 destroyer HMS Duncan dock at Odessa in Ukraine. Last night Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said it was a “clear message that we are committed to defending democracy across the world and support Ukraine’s sovereignty”.

The ship will lead a Nato maritime taskforce in an exercise designed to “show strength” as it visits countries in the region including Bulgaria and Romania.

Dr Andrew Foxall, head of the Russia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Institute, said: “The Back Sea is in what Vladimir Putin regards as Russia’s sphere of influence and this clearly enforces our commitment to the Ukraine. We are reminding Russia that we are a naval power and would take seriously any Russian aggression in that strategically important region.

But even though this deployment has been planned for many months it stands as a reminder to President Trump that we remain committed to European security. It makes an important statement that, whatever trade deal we may be seeking with the US, our foreign policy must remain independent and serve our own national interests first.”

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