Event: ‘Relations with Russia in the Age of Trump’




TIME: 24th January 2017, 18:00 – 19:00

VENUE: Henry Jackson Society,26th Floor, Millbank Tower 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP

Sir Andrew Wood, Associate Director, Chatham House, British Ambassador to Russia, 1995-2000
David Satter, Senior Fellow, The Hudson Institute, Fellow, The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

David Clark, Director, Russia Foundation

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With Donald Trump preparing to take office on 20th January, Russia has become the hot foreign policy topic of the moment. Evidence that Russia covertly intervened to influence the outcome of the US presidential election, along with the President-Elect’s friendly overtures to Vladimir Putin, have sparked an intense debate about the future of US-Russia relations and their implications for the West as a whole. Trump has said that only “fools” oppose better relations with Russia and has appointed individuals with known pro-Russian sympathies to the most important foreign policy positions in his incoming administration. Critics fear that Western interests and values could be sacrificed to the goal of establishing closer ties on the Kremlin’s terms.

Important questions about the impact of the Trump administration remain to be answered. How far is the new President prepared to go in meeting the demands of his Russian counterpart in places like Syria and Ukraine? Will he be able to carry Congressional Republicans with him in the quest for a new relationship? How does the Kremlin view the Trump Presidency and what will it seek to achieve? What will be the impact on America’s allies in NATO and beyond?

In association with the Russia Foundation, The Henry Jackson Society is pleased to invite you to an event with Sir Andrew Wood and David Satter. Based on their unique insights and experience, our speakers will help to shed light on what the next four years hold in store.

Sir Andrew Wood is an Associate Fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House. He is also a consultant to a number of companies with an interest in Russia. Following a range of diplomatic posts, he served as British Ambassador to Yugoslavia from 1985 to 1989. From 1995 to 2000, Sir Andrew served as British Ambassador to Russia and Moldova

David Satter, a former Moscow correspondent of the Financial Times, is senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a fellow of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies  and a prolific commentator on Russia and the former Soviet Union. He has followed Russian events for almost four decades. Satter’s first book was Age of Delirium: the Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union, which was published in 1996. He made a documentary film on the basis of this book which won the 2013 Van Gogh Grand Jury Prize at the Amsterdam Film Festival. In addition to Age of Delirium, Satter has written three other books about Russia, most recently The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia’s Road to Terror and Dictatorship Under Yeltsin and Putin.


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